Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Upset For The Ages

Mika Vukona was everywhere tonight.

Somewhere in China Brian Goorjian is rubbing his dome and feeling good about himself and his record against the Kiwis, while cyclonic winds where recorded at Glenelg,SA at about 7pm local time. That was Phil Smythe exhaling for the first time since 2001.

If you missed it people, the Australian Men's basketball team have suffered arguably their worst defeat in the country's history of the game. The New Zealand Tall Blacks did a number on our Boomers.

100-78 was the final but this one was hatched at 3/4 time.

The third quarter was the "championship" quarter in this series. The Kiwi's went for the fruit fruit (that's what the locals call it, Aussies call it Kiwi fruit) and not the oranges at the half and they came out all guns blazing, outscoring the Aussies 36-15 in the third term.

Game, set, match.

The Boomers entered this game with a +7 advantage from Game 1 and up until halftime, it looked like Smythe's 2001 team would remain the laughing stock of the trans-Tasman rivalry.

Instead, the Kiwi's continued to let Kirk Penney be the "man" and feed off him. Penney added 10 assists (and numerous other easy opportunities for his teammates) to go along with his 24 point haul.

Mika Vukona (25 & 12)and Alec Pledger (15 & 13) looked like All-Stars out there as they worked off the opportunities Penney created.

At the other end, the Aussies stood around as the perimeter players took turns in coming off the pick and roll. Meanwhile, three other guys stood there and watched.

This allowed the Kiwi's to set up their defense and not have to work hard at all. I'm thinking out aloud here, imagine if Penney had to chase Brad Newley or a Joe Ingles around a few picks all half while having Matt Dellavedova or Adam Gibson chasing him around at the other.

I know Penney has a big tank and is used to this amount of defensive attention, but he got to rest on defensive end tonight. He pretty much got to stand around and pretend to help on defense as the Aussie's went into the on ball screen early in the shot clock.

Our rebounding was poor tonight, especially giving up seven offensive boards to Pledger.

If anything, good defensive rebounding usually leads to some easy fastbreak points.

What the Kiwi's pointed out during this series (they did play the better in Game 1, it was just some red hot Joe Ingles play that got us out of jail) is team basketball will keep you in a lot of international games.

The Boomers now head to China for a tournament. Sure, some pride can be salvaged in Asia but anytime an Australian team loses to the Kiwis, it is a blow to the ego.

What the papers are saying.

- Tall Blacks win series.

- Boomers humiliated.

- Melbourne Tigers on Fox ten times.

- Adelaide 36ers are on a dozen times and KIA becomes a sponsor.

- Cairns want to win now.


Anonymous said...

How can a Boomers' coach let his players run amuck like last night?
How can 2 of the best 3 point shooters in the NBL not score and have 4 shots between them?
How can we not play an offense that doesn't always go to the big guys? Why take Crawford, a great defensive asset, and not use him?
Why didn't re place Wortho who was obviously not available the day before game 1? I know there are a hundred more questions but this is a start. Who was the captain, did we have one?

Anonymous said...

Not much pride will be salvaged in Asia. I do't think Brown has the ability to lift these guys.
A Russell Hinder and his fighting spirit would have been handy last night.

Anonymous said...

My pride hurts. That performance was embarrasing and you're right JR, Brian G would never let that happen. Ever.

Anonymous said...

JR didn't say that.
He said BG would be feeling good about himself and his record against the Kiwis.
BG never had to pick a Boomers' team from the reduced list thst Brown had.I think that should be remembered.

Anonymous said...

Smyth chose to leave his guards behind and it hurt him and us.
Goorjian always played against NZ with a better quality team of Boomers than this.
Their attitude still sucked but Brown isn't totally out yet.
If a full Boomers' team can't put up a decent fight at World's then sack him.

Anonymous said...

I think they were past the deadline to replace Wortho since he got injured the day before? Morning of the game?

Just remember reading somewhere that a player couldnt be named to take his place.

I think your being a little harsh with Coach Brown, sure he made some errors, but then the team hasnt had much time to gel together and we were missing alot of our best players.

Isaac said...

Worthington was locked in and couldn't be replaced. They had to work with what they had and realistically the only guys that were PF or bigger were Jawai, Ogilvy, Baynes and Forman.

I think JR makes some good points about what could've been tried with Penney.

Hoss said...

Hang on don't make silly excuses, this team played crap. We didn't have time to gel! Hello did you see the Kiwi team, besides Pledger there about 5.10 on average and about 14 years old. They out husseled us and were better coached. What a bad weekend of sport! Olgivy is a joke!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Vukuna really does have a "smooth stroke"! Guess we're all eating humble pie now, hey JR?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else hear it?
Harvey was told during a time out he was still playing as a "4".
Talk about totally wasting a position, doubt he ever played that as miniballer.
Brown obviously has big plans for Harves. No one else could have done it?

Hoss said...

On sunday night I was behind the bench and Jawai was giving some real bad vibes. Maybe he alraedy thinks his big time! Also Heal is a coaching cancer, can you have a guy with that type of EGO coaching. Loved him as a King but not sure he can coach.

Eric said...

Premature stupid talk re: sacking Brown. One game people. Yes it sucks, but we'll be fine. This was an undermanned and effectively a "rebuilding" team. Put Bogut, Andersen and co back in and we win, probably pretty easy too. Good to let the young fellas get a run.

Anonymous said...

Yep, thinks he's very big time.
Ran into him at Bris airport after camp 1. before first China trip.
Using a guy like that for major offensive structure is dangerous stuff.

ClintDogg said...

Matthew Dellavedova, AJ Ogilvy and that Baynes guy are totally crap.


What a JOKE this series was.

Brett Brown went OK, just his players let him down bigtime.

Hoss said...

Hang on, rebuilding, rebuilding, what about the Kiwi's their rebuilding too! That was just hopeless.

Snoop Wogg said...

Point guard anyone? Most important position will be filled by P. Mills and we'll be fine. Disappointing result, but not the end of the world.

Anonymous said...

Not the end of the world. Might be the shot in the arm both the players and coaches need. Maybe Brett Brown expected this to be easy. He sure looks cosy sitting beside a mastermind in Greg Popovich and giving his two cents.

We need to enforce a team offense including some real shooters not an Ingles or a Newley who are streaky. Harvey, Damian Ryan, Crawford, Forman, Brad Williamson, Boodnikoff. Players who can drill the long ball.

Also, Glen Saville is a must for this current Boomers team. His defense and offensive smarts are missed. He can defend a Kirk Penney one on one and be effective on O

Anonymous said...

Hasn't Saville retired from International Basketball?

White Collar Prison said...

ExpertDogg, really showing your knowledge there: Dellavedova and Ogilvy are already in China (or on their way there) for the Stankovic Cup.

Anonymous said...

And more then likely both Dellavedova and Ogilvy will be starting the games as well.

Maybe Clint should go support Rugby or something.

ClintDogg said...

No matter what you say (not leaving ya real name either) Matthew Dellavedova, AJ Ogilvy and that Baynes r totally crap and they will be gone to make room 4 CJ Bruton Sav, Bogut, Anderson, Neilson etc etc.

Next time leave ya real names and I mite take it on board.

Thanks 4 coming kids.

Anonymous said...

Why has Saville not been to one camp?
I'm sure he's retired from the next level.

Hoss said...

Dellavedora is solid and the future, which does look a bit bleak. Ogilvy is so soft, is he playing in Spain? If so it must be in the chicks league. What a punk!
ClintDogg brings some hate, it's good to see.

Hoss said...

Hey no response to Heal being a joke. Every coaching job he has had he stuffs up!!!!!!!

Geoff said...

We shot the 3 ball way too much compared to game 1.

Needed to get it inside more, but we needed another target other than Jawai who was surrounded by D every time he touched the ball.

Really missed the likes of a Bogut/Anderson/Neilson in this game.

Instead we had Ogilvy and Baynes who are used to college ball, which is not as tough and physical as international ball.

But regardless of having our overseas plaers or not, we still got torched by 2 NBL players!

Anonymous said...

No, we got scorched by an NBL player who will probably never do that again,
and a guy who should be playing top level in Europe.

ClintDogg said...

Heal did not do a shit job, that's why no discussion about that.

Clint Dogg don't bring hate, he brings the truth. And those who can not handle the TRUTH and disrupt their little dreams and pretending, the only way they can get back at me is to post neg comments (under "anonymous"). Notice how DJ Rod has not been posting here under his real name lately?. Hes posting under "anonymous"). Don't worry, the CROCs will still find out about him and he will lose his job 4 being a wanker. He thinks we cant tell its HIM posting lol.

Matthew Dellavedova, AJ Ogilvy and Baynes HAVE GOT TO GO!.

Hoss said...

ClintDog is a classic! Heal sux big time!

Peter said...

I would like to hear Clint's comments on how Ogilvy played over the weekend in China...