Monday, August 10, 2009

Rickert Wants To Be A Kiwi

Yes, I'm back and Kirk did not even punch me.

Minnesota native and former NBA second round draft pick Rick Rickert has taken a pay cut to rejoin the New Zealand Breakers and now he talks of one day representing New Zealand.

Now, no one has ever accused "big men" in the sport of basketball of ever being the smartest guys getting around, but Rickert might just be starting to change this trend.

It was becoming evident over the NBL off season that the Breakers were prepared to go in another direction than with Rickert at centre.

I'm sure his ego took a little bit of a beating at first as he shopped around to see if any other teams had a genuine interest in his services. There were some window shoppers but no one was prepared to pull the trigger on a deal with the 6'9 centre.

From here this is where Rickert has learnt some valuable lessons over the years.

Back in the day this young NBA aspirant was clocked on the chin by NBA superstar Kevin Garnett. There is no doubt in this incident that KG lost his mind. But as sporting teams go, do not get under the skin of the franchise player because your time will become very short spent.

It seems obvious to me that Rickert wanted back in with the Breakers so looking back at past experiences Ricky decides to get a little cozier with last year's NBL MVP Kirk Penney.

There is no doubt this former Big 10 pair already have an existing friendship but Rickert seeks out Penney for one last chance with the Breakers and the potential to pull on the New Zealand Tall Blacks uniform.

This is where the centre got smart. He seeked out the superstar this time and asked him to make it happen. And like all superstars, they make it happen. (The selling point to Penney must have been the idea of Rickert rebounding for him all year round, including the national team.)

The phone call between him and Penney is history. Rickert is more than happy to be back in New Zealand rebounding for Penney, CJ Bruton, Tony Ronaldson and Oscar Forman and any other mad bomber that will suit up for the Kiwi franchise this season.

I just can't wait for the next conversation that the Minnesota native has with Penney.

How does a guy from the Mid West of America do the Haka without looking like a goose, Kirk?


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ClintDogg said...

I hope Rick Rickert doesn't just want 2 play 4 NZ 4 his own personal needs or gains (achievements) like Scott Fisher did to us in AUSTRALIA. Fisher just wanted to play at the Olympics (want good enough 4 the USA team) and became an "Australian Citizen" to do so, then dogged us all out by returning to the USA to live after his Basketball (playing and coaching) days were over here in Australia. A Aussie Citizen should live in his "adopted country" and not return to where he was born.

Just hope tha Rick Rickert doesn't do the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Your an idiot Clint Dogg. You make a valid point about him doing so to get to an Olympics. But to say he must live here for the rest of his life is just ludacris. Absolute moron, finish high school before you comment on issues like these.

Anonymous said...

And also your a white rapper. What are you doing in Australia you American wannabe.

Frog-eyed Dingbat said...

Clint, you have our permission to leave and return to the place of your birth - clearly it's some alien planet and the lack of atmosphere would do wonders for your, err, complexion.

Anonymous said...

wow jfoxx posted 3mins after Clint dog.nothing fishy with that now is it?

Telly said...

I see players like Aaron Bruce & Steven Markovic were not named in the try out camp for the Boomers. Were they not considered, passed it up, or injured?

Anonymous said...

Not Available. Markovic had knee surgery, Bruce got married.