Monday, August 3, 2009

Ricky Rubio To Stay Put

Ricky Rubio will be changing address, but only in Spain.
Spanish point guard Ricky Rubio is making headlines for all the wrong reasons, but the buyout that is getting thrown around is just ridiculous. The $6.6 million large that DKV Joventut is asking for, seems a little over the top to me. So here is what I think may pan out with Mr Rubio.

Joventut may look to move Rubio onto another cashed up Spanish team, while his NBA dream is put on hold indefinitely.

Look for the major players to be Barcelona and Real Madrid if this becomes an option for Rubio.

Barcelona may be Rubio's preferred destination in Spain but Real will do their best to make this deal happen with Joventut.

I'm sure there will be a few more twists in the Rubio bidding war. It seems that the NBA will be put on hold, but where will the teenager end up in Europe?

My money says Madrid.


- Rick Rickett re-signs with the New Zealand Breakers while other import Dave Thomas resigns due to injury.

Rickett talks about other options in the NBL. One of the clubs chasing his services was the Townsville Crocodiles.

As for a replacement for Thomas, that will be a tough job. Although there are plenty of 3/4 imports around, Thomas new the "lay of the land" NBL style.

- New Zealand exposed? No way. The NZ Tall Blacks find the going tough in Europe.

- Boomers come up short against Brazil.

- Brad Davidson gives his opinion on what happened at the end of Game 2 as the Aussies took on the Chinese National Team in the best of three game series. China lead 2-0.

- Former SIU standout Rolan Roberts rolled into Townsville recently.
- Corey "Homicide" Williams is back with the Townsville Crocodiles and sporting a new hair style.


ClintDogg said...

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I might start 2 take him 4 real now.

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Gay Foxxx said...

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