Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Late News with Kevin Lisch

I have just returned from another successful game in the Townsville local competition. Due to time constraints, this will just be the news edition. I need some shut eye before I hit the streets of the far north to give away the "free stuff" at sparrow fart.

- Perth Wildcasts import Kevin Lisch has arrived in the west and is settling in quite well. Lisch and the Wildcats coaching staff are already looking over film.

“Coach (Mark) Radford and I got some tapes yesterday, I’m starting to do my homework a little and study up on the game here. The competition’s great and I’m looking forward to it", said the peppy St Louis grad Lisch. (courtesy of

My sources out west tell me that Radford and Lisch watched this piece off video footage first.

Lisch (in a nervous sweat) commented about how "that guy Rillie" will be a tough cover. Radford calmly explained to the rookie import that he has nothing to worry about as "that guy" no longer plays in the league.

I'm happy to hear that Kevin has been getting full night sleep's after the video session.

- New Zealand Breakers have hit rewind and are bringing back "Taking It To The Streets" or "TITTS" as it was referred to.

This is a great idea by the Kiwis. Nothing like taking your team to the regional areas to showcase your team.

- The Gold Coast Blaze's second import spot will be filled by Cal-Berkley grad, Ayinde Ubaka.

Ubaka has played in many professional leagues around the world. The combo guard comes in with a reputation of being able to get it done from the perimeter, while also getting to the hole.

Seems like the Blaze will be going with a three guard starting lineup with Ubaka, James Harvey and Adam Gibson.

In the same article, I cannot believe that Mike Vukona has been described as having a "smooth stroke".

Joey Wright needs to get in those video sessions with those Perth boys.

- My boys from Sydney, TheSportCount have come up with an entertaining blog all thanks to the Tweets from a few NBA players. Yes, I will include Brian Cardinal in those words.

- Has Denver Nugget guard, JR Smith finally grown up?

- Kurt Rambis to take over the team they call the Minnesota Timberwolves.

- Linas Kleiza leaves the NBA for the Greek city of Athens.


Anonymous said...

& if Vukona is one of the most athletic players in the NBL we ARE in trouble!

ClintDogg said...

Who's "we"?.

Not me that's 4 sure, Vukona is athletic yes, but its a waste of talent.

Anonymous said...

A Band of Pirates - Seton Hall 1989 Basketball Documentary on TODAY on ESPN at 3pm!!!

Anonymous said...

New link for Kevin Lisch story, The West Australian has relaunched the site with Yahoo!7 so the old urls have changed.