Sunday, August 2, 2009

Old School Posters

To this day I still have a few crisp Reggie Miller posters unopened from my single days. I will get around to making them look presentable soon, then straight to the pool room where they will take pride and place.

Until then, check out these gems that could be found on my bedroom or dorm room wall during my youth.
Always had to have a poster of the great man, Moses Malone, hanging up somewhere. He truly did inspire me to rebound.

Big Mo was one of the great centres of all time in the NBA.

George "Iceman" Gervin was a creator of the unconventional. Know for his finger roll, the Iceman could just flat out fill it up for the San Antonio Spurs.

Always gave me hope when I watched him play because he relied on his skill and shot making ability, not athleticism.

On of the great pure shooters of the NBA. When I was at Tacoma Community College I used to love watching Dale Ellis fill it up from long range with ease.

With a smooth stroke, Ellis could get it going at the drop of a hat. Feet squared and running off a screen by Michael Cage, it was down for the "Silent Assassin".
A true classic poster.

Choose your weapon. The only reason I had this poster was because I was a Converse kid.

Although both Magic and Larry were great players, Moses was my man in this era.

I used to dream of finishing the break like Big Game James. Worthy was the ultimate finishing at the end of a Los Angles Lakers fast break.
He wasn't too bad in the post either.

I look forward to seeing some of my readers reminisce over their favourite NBA posters.


Anonymous said...

slow news day JR

Dodge Taylor said...

That Dale Ellis poster is just strange ...

I still have a number of NBA posters stored in my cupboard. I'll check them out and hit you back with the best of them.

MC said...

Anon #1 please watch Iverson video. Someone always tryin ta knock someone at the top down.

Have a look at the NBL. What is there that is news worthy full stop?

Best thing about this site is the variety, from inside the head of a known basketball junkie.

Peace JR. Keep doin ya thing.

OT Fan #1 said...

I've still got a Dee Brown no look dunk poster, with a Jordan poster from his Rookie year and a Dominique wilkins poster.

Oh and I've got an awesome FAB5 poster... The Wolverines in the early 90's changed me!!!

At one stage in my youth you couldn't see any part of my wall or ceiling from posters! Whether they were from Hoop, One on One, Basketball Digest, Smiths or just a one pager ripped out of any old mag.

ClintDogg said...


look at all these people coming out the closet now. We dont want posters from the mid 90s or 2000s, we r talking 70s and 80s posters.

I got the Magic Johnson one, sold the James Worthy 1 on eBay, and a seperat Larry Bird poster too.

Anonymous said...

Clint we didn't spank to our posters though like you did mate.

OT Fan #1 said...

A) Who is 'WE' ???

B) Who said 'WE' are talkng posters from the 70's and 80's?

C) 'WE' all want you to go back to jail so you won't be able to post here!

ClintDogg said...


Yas are blowing ya loads over nothing.