Monday, August 17, 2009

Crocs Win, Vandy Impressive

Here are some of the main contributors to yesterday's game between the Townsville Crocodiles (104) and the Vanderbilt Commodores (99).

- Russell Hinder (Crocs) 30pts on 11 of 12 shooting, 5 of 5 from three

- Rolan Roberts (Crocs) fouled out in under 14 minutes. 7pts, 5 rebs

-Corey Williams (Crocs) came off the bench for 12pts and 4 assists

- Michael Cedar (Crocs) started at point guard and had 21pts (5/8 from deep) 4 assists and 4 steals

- Brad Williamson had 15 pts

- Jermaine Beal (Vandy) had a game high 31 pts (8-16 fgs, 11-13 fts)

- Jeffrey Taylor had 19 pts and 10 rebs for the only double double of the game

- AJ Ogilvy over come early foul trouble to have 21pts

- Brad Tinsley nearly squeaked out a triple double with 10pts, 8 rebs and 7 assists

I will have a more in depth review of the game up later today.


ClintDogg said...

what a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

like ur life clint dogg a watse of time.

Anonymous said...

I can simply get a box score from JR?? Give me substance