Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Spell Check On E-Bay Please

They were some serious socks!
It has been brought to my attention by one of my regular readers, that there is a trading card of mine on E-Bay and it's going price ($1) is performing none better than former teammate and now Adelaide 36ers Head Coach Scott Ninnis' did. (The good thing is my Mum has time to fix this problem. She will as high as $5 + postage.)

But, after laying a keen eye over this stellar limited edition Coca Cola Futura NBL Future Forces card, the owner of the card has absolutely butchered my name. I know for a fact that John Aille does not possess as deadly a jumpshot as yours truly.

If the seller, "modelcarsv8", wants to get top dollar for this very sought after card he better amend the spelling of my name to John Rillie, quickly.

There is still 6 days and hours left on the bidding, but do not leave your run too late. I would hate to see you miss out on this great piece of memorabilia. Buy it and I will personally sign it for you, for free.

Happy bidding.

- The "Save The Sixers" Consortium has worked hard over the recent off season to keep the Adelaide 36ers alive.

Now they have entrusted the franchise to new CEO Ben Fitz-Simmons.

Check out this A Current Affair piece and see how this young local punter has gone from fan to top dog in his own backyard.

- Former Maryland Terrapin John Gilchrist impresses during his first practice session with the Adeliade 36ers.

- Minnesota native turned Aussie punter Dusty Rychart has arrived in snake territory. Rychart has become a journeyman in the NBL, now joining his fifth team, the Cairns Taipans.


Anonymous said...

loved the note on the back of the card that mentioned your 6 turnovers!!!!!

John Rillie said...

At least five of them were dropped passes!

Anonymous said...

and what were u thinking with those socks and shoes???

Mills In The NBA said...

At first glance, I thought the card was Jason Williams of the Memphis Grizzlies.

Adam said...

Nice old skool - got this very card in my collection, well the real one that is John Rillie ;)
Those socks were atrocious!

Telly said...

Woohoo! David Andersen is a Houston Rocket. $3M for 3yrs. Hopefully that kind of commitment translates into plenty of Rockets games on ONEHD!

Telly said...

That's supposed to be $3M/yr for 3yr. It's what's been reported, not official figures.


Anonymous said...

DJ Rod for the top job GM of the crocs. SACK SMYTHEY!!!!

ClintDogg said...

Yeah I posted this info a few days ago now (John Allie card on eBay), in the "V8's & Robbie Fowler" post/comments. Thanks 4 the props on finding it too, NOT!.

What a crack up JA, sorry, JR.

Anonymous said...

"It has been brought to my attention by one of my regular readers..."

How stupid are you?

Anonymous said...

How stupid are you u clint??

Anonymous said...

clint at his best angin,allways makin a dick of himself

Eric said...

Breaking news JR: Maybe two Aussies on the Rockets this year?


ClintDogg said...

Clint at his best asking 4 the correct props 4 his find that is all my friends.

Now, lets get 2 the serious stuff, Paul Manley (Maley) gets a run too.


Props JA props, oh, i meant JR!. Give them where they r due.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

whens the next ot???