Thursday, July 16, 2009

Uniforms, Interviews & Photos

Today the Townsville Crocodiles released their new look home uniform.

Are you a fan of the new black dominant look?

As soon as I saw the design I immediately thought of the New Zealand Breakers though.

I do like how they are going with Townsville on the front of the away uniform.

- Billy Baxter from Basketball Australia caught up with new Houston Rocket David Andersen. Click here for the audio interview.

- Brad Newley is now coming off the bench for the Houston Rockets at the Vegas Summer League, but he put forth a solid performance. 9pts and 3rebs.

- Former Sydney King import, Dontaye Draper is lining up for the Denver Nuggets in Vegas.

The Stanford graduate has proposed that the Northern Territory host an eight team NBL Pre Season Tournament.

Great thinking Andy. Players always enjoy playing in these type of deals (Unless you are Melbourne Tigers Sam MacKinnon and Perth Wildcat Martin Cattalini. They just come along for the meet and greet, whack some ice on their knees and watch from the sidelines.) especially when they are at a location such as Darwin.
I hope this gets over the line as it will be good for basketball in the NT.

- Adelaide 36ers are deciding whether to go with youth or experience.


Anonymous said...

I liked it when the crocs went from blue to green and I'm not a huge fan of the black but everyone i've talked to love them. It's all about marketing so I'd say it's a good move.

Green was a hard colour to get fans to wear so I'm really looking forward to seeing lots of fans with this singlet!

They say it represents the way we play on the court but it doesn't represent the city much... Except the black dust in Yarrawonga :)

Anonymous said...

I bet JR wishes he was wearing 1 of these new unifroms this year.

Sorry, but hes NOT.

ClintDogg said...


He wishes.

Same with DJ Rod. Both will NEVER WEAR 1 of these uniforms on the court in a real game.

They both wont accept my challenge of a game of 2on2 either, with them picking my NBL team mate at their choice. HO WEAK. Big tough guys talking on the Internet and making posts, yet they both cant find the time 2 take me on.


Anonymous said...

it took them five months to look at the new zealand uniform and how to use a computer to copy it. Poor look, with the excitement the fury is generating why would you change your look to allow fury to take over the green? Does black signal death also?

Anonymous said...

ur a f@@#ing nut job clint,why do they have to pick a nbl player for u,is it couse u got no friends?

Maurice said...

Hey Clint,
Why not just ask one of your cellmates from prison to be your teammate. They were more than happy to 'partner' you back then from what I hear!
No spooning on the court tho!