Thursday, July 9, 2009

V8's Hit The 'Ville & Newley Is Smart

How is James Harvey linked to this model? Read on to find out.
The V8 Supercars are upon us here in Townsville for the first time in history. There is a fantastic buzz around the town and I cannot wait to go out on Sunday and be a "petrol head" for a day.

So in honour of the V8's I've found the best eight links from the day.

- I was glad I was lying down when I heard Houston Rocket James White describe Brad Newley as "smart". White actually
pays Newley a great complement in this interview.

- Former Michigan St championship winning teammates Dave Thomas and Adam Ballinger make the news for different reasons today.

First Ballinger.
The red head has become an Aussie today. For his American friends that read this, as of today Adam will be known as "Bluey" down under.

As for Thomas, it has finally become official that
he joins the New Zealand Breakers of the NBL.

This means that he rejoins CJ Bruton, an old teammate of his with the Canberra Cannons.

Do you remember them?

- The Wollongong
Hawks have asked the students of the local University of Wollongong to help them sell out game one.

I'm sure if this becomes a success story, we will see more clubs follow suit.

- Ever heard of model Siobhan Parekh? If you haven't, join the line I was standing in before I came across
this article.

Gold Coast Blaze's James Harvey was the first in a long line of athletes to date the bikini model.

Boy, do I have some questions for James next time I bump into him.

- The young and the not so young in the NBL make news.

Taipans have re-signed speedy local Kerry Williams for the 2009/10 NBL season.

I'll be interested to see if Coach Aaron Fearne hands the 22 year old the keys to the team or he uses him as a spark off the bench.

On the other side of the ledger, elderly Perth businessman Jack
Bendat has joined the Basketball Australia board.

- Jordan
Crawford dunked on LeBron James. But as we find out, we will never see how it went down.

LeBron flexed and everyone in ear shot shivered.



Anonymous said...

Siobhan Parekh sounds like shes a real S-L-U-T, getting around with so many guys.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the Rockets first Summer League game.

Newley had a disappointing game. He needs to step it up by a few next game or he'll lose that foot in the door.

If any of his remaining games are less than good I doubt the Rockets invite him to any future Summer Leagues.

Anonymous said...

Oh no - Pat Mills has broken his foot at training - he's out of the Summer League - UGH

Anonymous said...

Newley wont log 1 NBA second or minute.

Anonymous said...

Harvey was going out with her before and after she won the FHM thing.
She went to Israel and Sydney with him. I think they were dating over 2 years. She's certaintly no "sl.t" but likes a big social life.