Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jonathan Thurston Kicks For Charity

This morning I was fortunate enough to hang out and kick some goals with the current world's best rugby league player Johnathan Thurston.

The North Queensland Cowboy gave up his early morning to kick goals blindfolded for charity. It was great to see Thurston give up his time as the NRL are constantly getting buried with negative stories about it's sport. Too bad a promotion such as this will not get the same attention the "bad" stories receive.

Back to the action. Local radio station 4TO uses the month of June to raise money for the Children's Ward at the Townsville Hospital.

How Thurston gets involved is local businesses pledge so many dollars per successful kick. The trick is, JT had ten kicks blindfolded from 15m out with each successful kick getting the children $100.

JT converted seven of ten, raising $700 for the 'Give Me 5 For Kids" charity.

Now, I'm the first to admit my attempt at the camera did not fair to well. I tried to get adventurous but absolutely stuffed up. I will be better for the run next time round.

To view the video, just turn your laptop or monitor sideways and all is good. Check out JT showing he is human when he "grubbers" one of the kicks off the kicking T.

Well done to JT and thanks for bringing home the bacon for the kids.


-I'm hearing the Townsville Crocodiles will be announcing an "import" player very soon. I'm sensing that there is still going to be a "Homicide" in town, aka Corey Williams.

- The NBL is looking at the idea of moving the season to a February to June time fame by the year 2011.

- Aaron Grabau keeps his title of "Mr Taipan".

- The far north to host an NBL pre-season tournament.

- The Australian Boomers go down 0-2 against China despite Nathan Jawai having 27 in the game. Click here to see a little footage from Game 2.

- Joe Ingles will be wearing a Golden State Warriors jersey in this year's NBA Summer League.

- NBAtipoff blog has an article where he interviewed a fellow blogger and my main man DJ Rod got his question (via twitter) answered about Brad Newley and his chances of ever suiting up for the Houston Rockets.

- Detroit Pistons fire first year coach Michael Curry.


Anonymous said...

Is this a Football or Basketball website?.

Stick with the b-ball please.

Joe Ingles WONT be wearing a Golden State Warriors jersey in this year's NBA Summer League and never will unless he buys 1 from K-Mart.

DJ Rod hes such a tool, he got his gay question (via twitter) answered about Brad Newley and he has NO chance of ever suiting up for the Houston Rockets!.

Anonymous said...

is a blogging site not a specific sports site so its purely up to JR on what he wants to talk about

Anonymous said...

I'll have to get my wife to stop posting as anonymous

Anonymous said...

to the 1st anonymous- why comment if you are only gonna compain?

DJ CRUDD said...

Anonymous 1. When is the new T.O. coming out? Im waiting furiuosly so I can see the big fat ugly bald man. So I remember thats not me and live happily ever after.

ClintDogg said...

Yeah DJ Rod, tell ya wife to stop calling me in the late night hours complaining about you.