Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Everything Via A Link

Gaze.com.au journo Daniel Eade believes I have been linked to Perth, Wollongong and Cairns. Mr Eade here are the things that I have been linked to today. Enjoy!

Check out the latest from the blog world.

- Former South Dragons media guy Ed Wyatt has his own blog. The full time American/part time Aussie rants and raves about everything sport, and he has a sports show on radio.

- New basketball blogger
Litres of Ink looks like he will provide some interesting reads through the NBL season.

- Thanks to
Scibz' Spiel for the recent hat tip.

- My man Mookie and his
A Stern Warning blog has a good article on new Perth Wildcats import Kevin Lisch.

- Brad Davidson is currently in China with an Aussie team that is playing against the local National team. Might be worth dropping by
his blog to see how the three game series pans out.


- St Mary's bound Matthew
Dellavedova's career is moving forward at a rapid rate.
Adelaide 36ers sign import John Gilchrist for the season. The former Maryland Terrapin has produced the goods during his two week trial period.

- Cairns
Tiapans are trialling an import. Former Ball State combo guard Julien "Skip" Mills will have to prove he can fit the team "dynamic" during his ten day trial.

My former ballboy Adam Morrison does his bit for charity.


Dodge Taylor said...

Has the story by Eade on Gaze.com.au been pulled already? I can't see anything at all about you on there.

OT Fan #1 said...

he forgot one team... HIS OWN!

gotta love one of the puntas on your facebook asking you if your playing in the masters games this year... GOLD!!!

ClintDogg said...

JA is still mad he wont be playing in the NBL this year.

Old Punter said...

You Clint Dogg have been mad you never came close to making the NBL your whole life.

ClintDogg said...

Old Punter ive been closer 2 the NBL than you ever will be ya whole life.

Dont be mad.

Anonymous said...

I think its DJ Rod getting jealous.

ClintDogg said...

Yes me too.

What a wanker.

Old Punter said...

Clint Dogg:You have a better chance of seeing two dogs fornicate than coming close to making the NBL, hell you have a better chance of getting a DJ gig @ a garage party. MCing for the crappy falcons doesnt count jailbird.

ClintDogg said...

Old Punter = Where you get ya info from?. Nite club DJ right here = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5QIbpVrpzI

How many NBL clubs have you worked for?. How long you been following the NBL for?. How many games have you announced, or called on radio?.

I can answer all those questions, i bet YOU cant.

Have a nice day.

J-Foxxx said...

The Hunter Pirates and Newcastle Falcons was it?. Since like 1986 was it?. Every single HUNTER PIRATES home game?. Klubbstyle radio show was it?. And you actually PLAYED the game too at high levels, no Monday social crap.

What a wanker Old Punter is, I've never heard that name around NBL circles.