Monday, July 13, 2009

V8's & Robbie Fowler

Sir Robbie Fowler will have a happy snap with anyone.

I have never been one to fully appreciate motor racing in any capacity but my perception has changed all thanks to the V8 Supercars. An absolute magic weekend up here in Townsville as the city hosted it's first ever V8 event.

I was fortunate enough to invited along to enjoy some corporate hospitality on Sunday. I did not know what to expect but the minute I entered the circuit and smelt a few petrol fumes, I was in.

It did not hurt that my seat was in full view of a Hair Pin Corner (not sure about the terminology), so the day was full of scrapes and nudges as the cars tried to navigate the corner at speed.

Besides the racing, I was lucky enough to meet the latest sporting legend to make his way to Townsville. English Premier League God Robbie Fowler was enjoying the same hospitality as I. As you can see he does not mind posing for a happy snap.

Like motor racing my knowledge of soccer, yes soccer, is very limited but I will make my way out to Dairy Farmers stadium to catch the North Queensland Fury in action.

If I learnt anything on the weekend it was you can appreciate something without having to totally understand the finer points.

I wish Robbie and the rest of the Fury the best of luck for this coming A-League season.

Back to the racing. I included the video footage so you could hopefully get a taste of the noise these machines produce.

Unlucky for Jason Bright (18th) and his team that the day was not a little more successful. I was lucky enough to spend some time with Bright earlier on in the week so he become "my guy" to follow. As well, he runs his own team so a few local companies come on board as sponsors so it added a local feel to it.

Maybe next year with a little more support from the north, success with find Mr Bright and his Fujitsu Team.

I was always happy for Townsville to host an event of this magnitude because it is great for the community to gain such exposure but now I cannot wait for next year to roll around so I can smell those fumes and rubber burning again.


Anonymous said...

they were quite awesome to watch!

The noise, smell and speed is something you have to feel first hand!

REd said...

nice bucket hat.... ahaa

ClintDogg said...

i thoguht this was a Basketball website not a dumb V8 rev heads site?. Mark Webber sounded so GAY when he won too, what a poof.

Anyway, heres what they think of you JR, or should i say JA =

And Paul Manley gets a run too =