Saturday, July 11, 2009

Corey "Homicide" Williams To Make Decision Via You Tube?

No wonder "Homicide" wants to come back to Australia, he does not have to live out of the boot of his car.

It seems that New York streetball king Corey "Homicide" Williams will be bringing his NY swagger back to North Queensland for the upcoming 2009/10 NBL season.

On Friday night local television station WIN(Ch 9) hinted that Williams will be heading back across the Pacific very soon. The Townsville Crocodiles are staying mum on the topic for the time being.

I'll build on the speculation by contributing that I believe you will be able to see "Homicide" Williams make his announcement via You Tube in the near future.
If I'm making an announcement of my "franchise" player via cyber space I'm going with the new and hip microblogging forum, Twitter. Twitter is the here and now. It is now the Beyonce' of the world wide web, whereas You Tube has slowly faded to the Destiny's Child.

Here are a few examples of how Twitter has created headlines over the NBA offseason to date.

Minnesota Timberwolves rookie Kevin Love informed everyone that Kevin McHale would not be back as his head coach this upcoming NBA season.

Then Twitter junky Charlie Villanueva lets the world know he is no longer a free agent and signs with the Detroit Pistons. I wonder if new Pistons Head Coach John Kuester will mind if Charlie tweets at half time?

I know Corey is a colourful and an imaginative character, so I'm expecting something special if he is going to use the cyber world to his advantage when he makes an announcement regarding his playing future.

"The 50 Cent of Streetball" As Previously Seen On You Tube

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