Friday, July 3, 2009

Newley & The Rockets Plus Emus Win

Last time Rolan Roberts dunked in Australia, it did not end well.
*If you're wondering what former Townsville Croc turned European superstar Brad Newley is up to, click here.

I like Newley's thought process of trying to get to the next level in Europe before cracking the Houston Rockets roster.

Newley has been progressing nicely in Europe but he does need to take the next step over there if the NBA is to become a reality. In saying that, if Newls goes out and has a great Summer League, all is forgotten and his NBA dream becomes a reality, sooner rather than later.

Could we see a Newley/Joe Ingles match up sometime during the Summer League play.

*The Australian Emus (u/19 national team) opened their World Championship campaign in new Zealand with a 88-77 win over Canada.

Cody Ellis has continued with his great form to lead the team with 25pts and 6rebs. Washington St recruit Brock Motum went for 22 and 8 against the Canadians.

For a full boxscore click here. Next up for the Emus is European powerhouse Spain.

*The Townsville Crocodiles have caught a few people off guard (especially this guru) with the signing of import Rolan Roberts.

Roberts has been playing mainly in the France Pro B league since leaving the shores of Australia after a dunking mishap during the All-Star Game.

*It is now all official, Phill Jones is a member of the Cairns Taipan.

*Flamboyant NBA player Ron Artest has expressed his thoughts too much on Twitter?

Comedian Aries Spears Picks On Shaq and Sir Charles


Anonymous said...

That video is GOLD!

Voices spot on.

Let me tell ya sumthin...the pheonix suns... Kobe Bryant...Krispy Kream donuts is round.

Anonymous said...

Guru? Who are you kidding? You are just another unemployed bum now. You ain't no guru! Thats some funny shit!

ClintDogg said...

U think that video is funny?

Ive been watching MadTV for years now, and you should see how much they rip off Shaq, especially Aries Spears.

There are better gags than this 1 about Shaq on MadTv hey.

They are full on funny.

Mills In The NBA said...

Where was that video at, why is Shaq there?

Anonymous said...

Those Videos are almost as funny as everyone coming on here ripping on clint dogg. Along with inthemix and ozhoops and any other forum the fat bald wigga man goes.