Monday, July 13, 2009

"Homicide" Williams Is A Croc & Aussies In Vegas

Dunk you very much. Twitter confirms "Homicide" will be back in Townsville.

I'm sure if you read my latest post you may have still had a little uncertainty as to Corey "Homicide" Williams was returning to the Townsville Crocodiles this season.

Well, I'm here to tell you that "Homicide" must be a regular reader of this blog because he did drop the news of him signing with the Crocodiles via
Twitter yesterday.

These two messages in succession on Corey's Twitter page are enough for me to believe that he is a Croc for next season.

Here is how "Homicide" broke the news via Twitter, so you can make up your own mind.

"it's green and yellow one more time!!!!! Da Ville here we go again" from web (@chomicide)



- ``I said I'd need to see (tape of) someone pretty impressive to change my mind about going (to Las Vegas) and John (Gilchrist) is that player,'' Scott
Ninnis told the Adelaide Advertiser. ``He's just knocked our socks off."

Adelaide 36ers Head Coach Scott Ninnis talking up the prospect of former Maryland Terrapin point guard John "don't call me Adam" Gilchrist.

I wonder if Ninnis was wearing the popular 1990's tube sock when he made the decision?

- While on the 36ers, former import Julius Hodge is trying his luck in the NBA again. Over the summer he will join the Chicago Bulls at various Summer Leagues.

During this
recent radio (am850 the Buzz Sports Radio) interview, Hodge talks about how he is ready to rejoin the NBA.

He mentions how his "jumper" is ready.

My two cents worth on Julius' jump shot. It will be ready when my shotblocking abilities are NBA ready.

NBL fans take note, Julius believes that the French league is a little better than what Australia (NBL) has to offer.

- Brad Newley entered Day 2 of the
Vegas Summer League looking to put forward a better performance from Day 1. His Houston Rockets had a win over Nathan Jawai's Dallas Mavericks.

was solid in his performance with 9pts (3-6) and pulling down four boards.

Jawai did not play in this game.

- Fellow South Australian Joe Ingles was in action as well. Ingles had a quiet night shooting the ball (
1-7 for 3pts) but he chipped in with 8 boards.

- North Queensland product Aron Baynes is playing for the NBA champions, LA Lakers in Vegas.

He was solid without being eye catching yesterday with
4pts and 4rebs of the bench.

- And just in case you missed it, Pat
Mills will miss the entire Summer League circuit because of a broken foot.


Anonymous said...

judging by the silence around here, either Townsville has V8 fever or not many ppl are that happy about Corey returning...

Telly said...

Newley had solid numbers in his second game but still looked the worst of the Rockets players who were either under contract or drafted.

I didn't watch the third game but the boxscore numbers looked bad. If you can't even put the ball in the hoop at Summer League...

Shame, I was hoping more Aussies would get a crack in the NBA. Newley's showing at SL hasn't improved from the 2007 games.

It'll take MVP level performances in Europe for the Rockets to start calling again but he hasn't shown that kind of progression. It looks like his door to the NBA has closed.

Anonymous said...

has nevill played yet?

ClintDogg said...

Oh NO!.


Will he shut the F-U-C-K UP this year and stop talking trash all day?.

Lets hope so.

I would preffer if he never came back to my country again.

Anonymous said...

Newleys 9pts (3-6) and pulling down four boards WILL NEVER GET HIM IN THE NBA EVER!.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Hes making himslef look so silly now.

Anonymous said...

Corey is an entertainer. The ordinary basketball fan loves him. He is needed in this league.

JR, Andersen will NOT be apart of the Hawks roster. Atlanta as you may or may not know is my team and with them re-signing Zaza Pachulia his spot looks taken.

Up front they have Al Horford, Zaza, Solomon Jones and two part-time 4 men in J-Smoove and Marvin the Martian.

Josh Jenkins

Anonymous said...

Newley may look 'silly' for trying to do what most others would kill for. Its a credit to him and all the others giving it a go.
Aussies are such 'haters'.

Telly said...

That's so true. I don't get why so many people hate on Newley or any other Aussies because they're given an opportunity to tryout for the NBA. He might have come up short but he had a go in trying to achieve his dream

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info JR, I thought that it was Aron Baynes on NBA TV. I think the clip that showed him, he was being beaten to the basket by Blake Griffin but still good to see the big fella getting some court time.

Ryan Mobilia said...

Speaking of hating on Aussies giving it their best shot, Thorpe tweeting over at Truehoop from the summer league...

"Nathan Jawai is no better than most Pac10 centres at this point"... that hurts.

PS: Mills injury is much more seroius than first thought JR, I've got a post covering it on

you used to link to it, I've picked up my blogging game, so hopefully you can again one day soon!