Saturday, July 18, 2009

Is David Barlow Heading To Spain?

IS David Barlow heading to Spain?

It is amazing what you can dig up on the internet these days. As I was deciding on what to blog about today I just happened to stumble upon this rather interesting piece of news.

If I'm reading this right and getting the gist of the Spanish language, it seems the Melbourne Tiger guard David Barlow could be heading to CAI Zaragoza in the Spanish ACB League.

What I have done for the beauty of the English reader is provide a link to the Spanish article while providing a loose translation into English. I think you can get the picture of this story from the translation.

"Queremos cerrar a Barlow cuanto antes" is the title of the Spanish article which comes courtesy of

Here is the article translated into English thanks to Google.

"We want to close sooner Barlow " Negotiations between the club and David Barlow Aragonese are becoming closer to closure

CAI Zaragoza has almost tied to David Barlow, but has to wait for the final confirmation, because "nothing is signed," explained sports director fell, Willy Villar, who was cautious about the details of the negotiation.

Villar recognized that "there is much interest in this player, we are on it and we will try to close as soon as possible", so in the coming days we could have confirmation of a new addition to the template club pink. The fall sports director warned that "it is a matter of formality" failure to ensure that the CAI Barlow played in the upcoming season, and that until everything is still closed "you can undo what we have come so far."

David Barlow, 25, is a wing of 2.05 meters very versatile, plus their English passport would leave the door open to players who occupy the seats outside. The player has a great curriculum in the Australian NBL, where he has three titles and good statistics. In the last season with the jersey of the Melbourne Tigers managed to half of 15.7 points, 5 rebounds and 1.7 assists per game, showing a good hand from the three point line, with a hit of 39%.

Barlow is one of the major players in the Australian selection, providing minutes of quality peer level Andrew Bogut and David Andersen. He moves well for jobs with good movements and external good hand, as well as take your height and strength to help near the rim. If it closes its recruitment is one of the key objective for the promotion."

As this has only been fresh on the net for an hour and I have heard nothing off it beforehand, I endeavour to chase the validity of this story up.

I guess the beauty of this for the Tigers is they have an import spot up their sleeve or maybe a spot for a Aussie veteran.


ClintDogg said...

I told you all David Barlow had game.

Good on him.

I'd take it if I were him, increase his chances of playing NBA. Now hes a real player that could play in that league, unlike Newley or these other nobodys you all go on with on this site.

Anonymous said...

Barlow NBA. What dream did you wake up from. The man hasnt even played in Europe yet, not to mention is getting old. Baby steps first Clint Dogg. Stop living your dream through someone else you scrub. Why arent you playing ABA?

Anonymous said...

veteran spot for u JR!

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling Clint Dogg is sitting at home and jerking off to some old Newcastle Falcons tapes. Let him live people lay off the ugly wigga a litte, remember he is connected, from centrelink.

bexta said...

Don't y'all know Clint Dogg once met Butch Hays?

What a self-obsessed twat.

Anonymous said...

Interesting development

Barlow has really developed his game at the Tigers. He still has some moments where you think he is still very raw, but he definitely works hard and he's be a nice addition for a european team. The ACB is widely seen as the strongest domestic comp outside of the NBA, although his team does not sound a powerhouse of euroleague, or eurocup.

Rodman said...

Hello from I´m Zaragoza, Spain. I don´t know David Barlow, can you tell me what kind of player is?

CAI Zaragoza was a team of ACB season 2008-2009 but its not team of Liga ACB season 2009-2010. David Barlow will play in second basketball league of Spain Adecco Oro.

Please visit my blog about new David Barlow team, CAI Zaragoza.

Sorry for my bad english.

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