Monday, May 12, 2008

Women Welcome

It is LJ's game that makes her #1!

After posting a little snippet on Penny Talyor yesterday I realized that I have never given too much ink to the women of this great game.

Today I'm going to name my 5 top Aussie women players. I look forward to reading some of the comments about my five.

Number 1 without doubt is Lauren Jackson. Jackson may go down in history as the best ever, let alone her own country.

I first saw Jackson play at an under 16 national championship in Sydney. You could see she had the killer mentality you need to be successful.

From there she has continued to develop and improve her game over the years. At 6'5 Jackson can do it all. Take opponents down low or step outside. Jackson is the complete package. I guess that's why she has won several WNBA MVP's and led her country to medals on the international stage.

Currently Jackson is a hired gun and travels the world all year round playing hoops. I just hope this 27 year old does not burn herself out. Australia needs her fresh for the Olympics.

Number 2 goes to Michele Timms, a true pioneer for women's basketball in this country. Timms holds the title of first Australian player (male or female) to take their game overseas to another professional league.
All those girls that travel the world and make some good money have Timms to thank.

For her persistence Timms was rewarded with a bronze medal at the Atlanta Olympics and silver in Sydney. Bronze in Atlanta was the first medal won by any Aussie basketball team at an Olympics. Since Atlanta the women's team has gone on to become the number one team in the world.

Timms has remained in the game since retiring from playing. She is currently the assistant coach for Tom Maher and the Chinese women's national team.

Number 3 is Penny Taylor. I just love the way she plays the game and it was never more evident than when she led the Phoenix Mercury to the WNBA title last year.

Blessed with great athleticism, Taylor's game utilizes this God given talent. Whether it is going coast to coast or slashing to the hoop, Taylor is a nightmare to match up against. Most of all, it is her nose for the ball the impresses me. I'm surprised at how many loose balls she comes up with.

Often considered Robin to Jackson's Batman, Taylor herself can single handedly take over a game. Slowly but surely Jaskson's shadow is becoming smaller.

What a luxury Jan Stirling has when she can look up and call a play for one of these two players.

I'm looking for Taylor to have an MVP Olympics in Beijing.

Number 4 is a Queenslander. Sandie Brondello was right on Timms' heels as far as heading overseas. She took off to Germany to start a professional career.

This two guard played most of her ball overseas, so she does not get the credit she deserves in Australian circles.

Back in my Brisbane Bullets playing days, Brondello would be at Auchenflower Stadium working on her game. Let me tell you, it was no "slap ass" session. She won my respect from that time on and I followed her career closely.

A true gamebreaker, Brondello could string consecutive tough baskets together to rip the heart out of an opposing team.

Her playing career ended after the Athens Olympics but Brondello remains in the game as an assistant coach in the WNBA.

Number 5 goes to Jo Hill. Jo makes my list because I had the chance to see her in action on a regular basis when I played in Adelaide, but she also has a few items of note on her CV.

WNBL titles, national team honours and many years overseas are just a few of the things Hill has achieved during her playing career.

The athletic small forward is erratic at times but has the ability to make a play that no one else on the court could. Hill has the ability to get her shot off at any time because she is able to simply elevate over most defenders.

Hill still plays in the South Australian ABA Conference with the North Adelaide Rockets.

Other News:
Adam Tanner signs with the Bullets. The Victorian born Tanner has been playing for Denver University for the past two years. I've actually seen video of this guy and I'm thinking Axel Dench.

Although he has not signed yet, CJ Bruton will move to New Zealand to lead them to their maiden championship. Good luck CJ.

Here is a Q & A with AJ Ogilvy.

Castro (Jason) getting more pub than the other Castro (Fidel)!

There is not enough room for two Vanderjagt's in the NBL. The younger (David) will continue to play in the USA at Western Washington University.

My mail has Ebi Ere signing with the Dragons SOON!

Utah Jazz need OT to level the series at 2-2 against the LA Lakers.

Spurs knot it up at two apiece.

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Anonymous said...

why the sudden interest in womens basketball rillie? I mean, we all know you and Jan would look after each other in Adelaide. Is she paying you again?

John Rillie said...

Nothing wrong with hanging out amongst successful people. Maybe you need to look outside your little "Mexican" cocoon.