Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Weekly ABA Wrap

Will we be happy for KG if he wins it all? Read Scoop Jackson below and find out.

Boxscores From Your Favourite ABA League

Queensland: Worst nickname going? Ipswich Force, they are 0-3.

Big V: Has Mike Wheeler had a growth spurt yet?

Waratah: Amazing, Graeme Dann doesn't suite up and Parramatta has team unity.

Western Australia: Michael Lay with a near quadruple double. (17pts, 12rebs, 10ass, 8stls)

South Australia: They're a week behind (no pun intended) but have just been posted.

SEABL: Mt Gambier's Jason Sedlock should call college buddy Steve Nash for a little help.

In NBL News; Journeyman Cam Rigby joins the Bullets. Former Crocs teammate Drew Williamson heads home and joins West Sydney. Gold Coast Blaze development player Rohan Gray released from his New Zealand duties. Former NBL imports Jason Crowe and Brian Wethers are lighting up the NZ league.

NBA News:
Hornets move 2-0 ahead of defending champ Spurs. Pistons take 2-0 lead over Magic. Scoop Jackson on KG.

Other News:
A good read about recruiting and young kids dreams of hoops in USA. Chris Lofton plays season while battling cancer.


djrod said...

Spurs are GONE - I hope you are reading this Fush!!!

John Rillie said...

No...Fush can be found only at the netball now or at home ironing the skirts!

djrod said...

i do all of the media stuff for my wife's state league team the Steelcats... I know how he feels!

maybe their first home game on saturday night at Murray basketball stadium could get a mention on a certain radio program???


djrod said...

that is www.steelcats.net of course