Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Heal Signs With Blaze, Dmac To The Bullets?

Grab a coke and a smile, Dmac is back in the league...maybe!

Shane Heal has signed with the Gold Coast Blaze. Finally the speculation has ended and Heal will resume his career as a player only.

The Blaze have only one spot left to fill on their roster now. I will be very interested to see who they sign here, especially when they still have an import spot up their sleeve.

I have heard Bobby Brannen's name thrown around but I just cannot see where he fits on the roster. Already signed are Ben Melmeth, Pero Cameron, Scott MacGregor and Casey Frank in the "big" man department.

Adding Brannen will leave someone disappointed with their playing time. I would love to see Brannen and Cameron go one on one in the low block though. No ball would be required for that match up.

I will say though, Coach Brendon Joyce usually picks up the right person to fit the team.

Also making news today is Darryl MacDonald is seriously thinking of playing for Brisbane.

If Dmac feels as though his body can manage another year this would be a great signing by the Bullets. Dmac would be able to help groom young point guard Adam Gibson.

At the end of the day, Dmac knows his body the best and that is what he has to weigh up right now. Can he deliver another season on the hardwood before he moves to the bench to coach?

My gut feeling is he will take the offer. If you cast your memory back to all those interviews during the playoffs asking him about his retirement, I felt a lot of his answers had room for movement if the right situation arose.

Is Brisbane the right situation? Sure it is. He will definitely make them a better team this year and then the Bullets are willing to give him two years as a assistant coach.

Time will team if my gut is feeling good. Welcome to the Sunshine State Dmac!

It's all happening in the NBL world today. Jason Smith is taking the Sydney Kings to court.

This is all over a pay dispute that built up over the course of the season. I'm looking forward to next Friday, just to see how this one turns out.

It could get ugly though!

Where are they now? Former NBL player Vince Kelly is loving life in the west.

State Side News:
The Hornets go up 3-2 on Spurs. David West goes for 38.

Pistons reach sixth straight conference final. Billups sits out again.

NBA Rookie Teams

D'Antoni officially introduced as the Knicks head coach.

Larry Legend in court over the use of his name.

Big Shot Bob is the All Time leader in playoff games played. Congrats.


Snoop Wogg said...

Mate, great story on Vince Kelley, how'd you spot that??? The 2 Vinces, Kelley and Hinchen were fan favourites of the Bankstown Bruins! Talented players and legends for all the kids that grew up around COndell Park...

John Rillie said...


I go to all corners of the world to keep my readers happy. I especially aim to please those in the Bankstown area!