Monday, May 19, 2008


You need more than a hand LeBron!

Here is my around the grounds look at what happened in the ABA this past weekend.

Queensland: Former Croc Andrew Goodwin makes one shot all game. The most important one though. Game time.

Waratah: "Plastic Man" Goran Veg has 33 and 19. 13 "o" boards for this Croatian Sensation.

Big V: Melbourne Tigers David Barlow is getting ready for Boomers camp. Has a lazy triple double.

Western Australia: Cockburn too much for Mark Worthington to handle.

South Australia: For anyone that was wondering, former Cairns Tiapan Kane Oakley still plays.

SEABL: Bradley Knuckles goes for 38 and 24. Spectres have a miserable weekend in Tassie!

Paul Pierce and LeBron James try to repeat what Larry Bird and Dominique Wilkins did in 1988. Celtics win another Game 7. Now they get the Detroit Pistons.

Daily Dime

Hornets/Spurs Game 7 look ahead.

D-Wade buys his Mum a church.

A Gilbert Arenas blog entry.

Not quite the NBA, but take a look at what former Adelaide 36ers championship winning coach Ken Cole is up to.

Celtics vs Cavs - Game 7

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