Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Little Of This And That From Around The Traps

Jesus Shuttlesworth was back in the building.

The Detroit Pistons levelled their series against the Boston Celtics at 1-1.

It was vintage Pistons basketball that won them the game. Rip Hamilton running like a madman then knocking down the shot. When he wasn't knocking down his mid range "J", it was Chauncey Billups or Rasheed Wallace's turn to hit a key three.

The Pistons executed well on offense then continued to play their smoothing "D" at the other end.

If the Celtics are to remain in this series (next two games are in Detroit) they need to find a way for the "Big Three" (Garnett, Pierce, Allen) to all contribute on the one night.

Ray Allen got back on track in the second half so he seems to have awoken from his coma. While Allen is getting his groove on, Garnett and/or Pierce become spectators.

If the Celtics dream of a championship they need to find a way for all three to be factors in the same game. This has not happened during the playoffs for Doc Rivers and his Celtics.

In saying this I better give the Pistons some credit. Their game plan probably centres around limiting one of the three and their impact on the game.

I'm sticking to my original call of the Pistons in 6.

The hot gossip from Chad Ford. Who is working out well and trade rumours.

NBA Daily Dime

Isiah Victor has become hot property after breaking out during the playoffs for the Sydney Kings. Victor has multiple teams chasing his services, while Wollongong have joined the cue in chasing his autograph.

I feel Victor would be a good fit for many teams in the NBL. What he showed me in limited minutes is his versatility at the four position. Playing behind Mark Worthington restricted his court time at the Kings but I could see him becoming an All NBL Team calibre player if his playing time increased elsewhere.

He would be a good addition to any of the teams that are chasing him.

The Brisbane Bullets have offered Darryl MacDonald a playing contract for next season. The Bullets are hoping to hear back from him in the next few weeks. That should give D-Mac enough time to see how interested the South Dragons are in him.

Are the floodgates for Filipino hoopers about to open in the NBL?

Julius Hodge is still chasing the dream. Sorry 6er fans, Adelaide is not in the dream!

"It is the most over-rated thing in basketball, height," he said. Words from new Singapore Slinger Sam Harris.

Sam, I will gladly take some of those 221cms off your hands and put them to good use.


DJ Leon Smith said...

"It is the most over-rated thing in basketball, height," he said. Words from new Singapore Slinger Sam Harris.

If supercoach Steve McLeod taught me one thing it's this - "It's not how big you are, it's how big you play."

John Rillie said...

Harris will be dangerous if he ever runs into Pig Dog and takes his philosophies on board.