Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dunlap NBA Head Coach? KOBE MVP

Dunlap and AI discuss tatts and defense!

Former Adelaide 36ers head coach Mike Dunlap is one piece of hot property right now.

This just in, Dunalp more than likely to join the Arizona Wildcats.

Dunlap has been on the Denver Nuggets bench the last couple of seasons honing his skills, but the last few days have become very busy for him. Check out what his interview schedule has been like.

Dunlap Heading To Arizona? Nuggets assistant Mike Dunlap says he is a "dark horse" for the Chicago Bulls coaching job, but indications are he's a strong candidate for an associate coaching position at the University of Arizona under Lute Olson. ESPN

Dunlap confirmed Monday he has interviewed for both jobs. Asked if Arizona has made an offer, he said, "No comment." -- Rocky Mountain News

If he landed with Arizona, Dunlap would likely be hired as the lead assistant, possibly with a salary that approaches the $375,000 Arizona set aside for Kevin O'Neill last spring. -- Arizona Daily Star

Having played for Dunlap in Adelaide I can see him eventually sliding over a seat and taking over from Lute Olsen when he retires.

Arizona is a school known for its guard play and Dunlap would be a excellent addition to this coaching staff. Although Dunlap is known for his defensive mindedness, he is the best coach of individual workouts for guards I've been around.

Although he does not get much credit in this country I'm sure both Brett Maher and Martin Cattilini will agree with me in saying he taught us alot about the game. We all turned out OK.

This could be a match made in heaven. While in the assistant role, Dunlap will preach his defensive philosophies till his lips turn blue but this is what the Wildcats need. Wildcat teams have never been able to shake the tag of being bad defensively but I have confidence that Dunlap will can change this mentality.

Whatever the next job this basketball junkie takes, players will improve their game under him.

Kobe Bryant was going to be my lead story just to shit my wife, but Dunlap wins out because I may need a job from him in the future. Sorry Kobe, I still love your game, it's my wife that has the problem.

Today Bryant was named MVP of the NBA. It is hard to believe this scoring phenom has not won this award before but he finally gets his reward.

Sorry to Chris Paul, LeBron James and Kevin Garnett, but when I think of a complete basketball player, I think Kobe. There is no weakness to his game.

Bryant had to wait 12 years to get his hand on this trophy. I feel he has been the best player for some now but I feel the Shaq (who I love just as much) fiasco took its toll on Kobe's reputation for some time.

What's done is done, but I'm sure both players would love to have their time over again. They could have become a true dynasty for all those years.

Instead we have what we have today. Shaq won another championship in Miami and now Kobe is looking for his first without Shaq by his side.

Back to why Kobe should a unanimous MVP. Besides his all round game, Kobe has matured mentally and is prepared to defer to his teammates. (Remember it took Michael Jordan a while to learn this trait.) Now all of a sudden you have to play more than Kobe at the offensive end.

You can see his teammates move with more of a purpose now. Instead of watching the Kobe Show, they become part of it. Sure, when it is crunch time everybody knows who is getting it, but the Lakers have had to rely less on his heroics due to their team play.

I can understand the Celtics fans thinking KG should get it, but they play in the watered down Eastern Conference.

Congrats to Kobe and I don't think this will be his last either.

Other NBA News:
Celtics win ugly against the Cavs. Chauncey Billups wins citizenship award. Rick Carlisle to be named Mavs coach? A word from Stephen A Smith.

NBL News:
Hammer to be happy camper on the Gold Coast soon! Singapore adds a Kiwi to their roster. Gordie McLeod's first practice will centre around a map and the players pointing out where their from. CJ cries foul...AGAIN! Dragons look to Ere and Helms as imports?

Other News: (a old story I came across)
Ben Louis talks about his Olympic dreams. Ben is a young Victorian who via the AIS has taken his game over to the USA college system. AIS coach Marty Clarke does a good job of talking up the "Tute" saying two or three players from each class go on to be Olympians. I would have to question that production rate though.

Steve Leven..check out the to love it!


DJ Leon Smith said...

I sit firmly in the "can't stand Kobe" camp. JR check my post on Karl Malone from yesterday and you'll see how I really feel about KB8/24! I've also got a lazy $100 bet right now with a friend of mine who's from LA, he gets the cash if the Lakers win it all, I get it otherwise. I like my odds.

Anonymous said...

You and quite a few others will be lining up to get a gig with Dunlap. You will need a little more than 'lip service'.

Anonymous said...

Rillie, you didnt turn out ok. Your a screwball

John Rillie said...

Leon Smith:

Yes I read your blog entry yesterday. I was taken back by the whole Karl Malone thing, but you must appreciate the basketball skill Kobe has. As far as the bet, good bet on your behalf but I like your mates confidence.

Maybe we can get into some type of blog war over this? haha

John Rillie said...

Anonymous 1&2:

Your right, I will need more than lip service to help my cause. I have a few tricks in my bag.

As for being a screw ball, it was Dunlap that enhanced that. Especially those 2hr meetings in his office after practice.

I'm just glad you like to read the thoughts of a screwball.

You are what makes me get out of bed every morning!

Anonymous said...

Kobe had allways had the basketball skills,but he a acted like lil boy.i think hes now became a man and is acting like one for once.Useing his team mates this year,the way he acts when his sitting now,gettin behided his team for once.its goin to take sometime to make up for his bad times but it will.