Sunday, May 18, 2008

How I Handled My Weekend

Will Lebron let Paul Pierce take centre stage today? (Game 7)

This weekend was pretty quiet up here in the 'Ville. A little pictionary (kicked ass), some under 10's hoops and another Cowboys lose.

The most productive thing I accomplished over the two days was read HANDLE magazine. The May/June edition can be found in your favourite newsagency.

This edition is a good read if you are NBA inclined. Kobe on the cover with Chauncey and Rip inside. Also included is the top 10 small forwards in the NBA. There is no doubting that LeBron is number one, but I would argue that Caron Bulter could move up to three, just behind Paul Pierce. Bulter is a very complete player and showed in the absences of Gilbert Arenas he can carry a team.

Shawn Marion would slip in my rankings (still in top 10). Since the trade from Phoenix to Miami no one can argue that he is a very good complimentary player, just not a franchise player.

One player that missed the cut but will become a regular is Indiana Pacers Danny Granger. Playing on a bad Pacers team does not help your stock but watch for this talent to rise over the next few years.

Kiwi CJ Bruton talks about who he feels will make the Boomers Beijing Olympic team. Talk about sitting on the fence. CJ, grow a pair and put yourself in the team.

On the local side of things there is a breakdown of the best 25 male juniors in the country.

The thing that impressed me the most was the amount of prizes you can win. Anything from a Pat Mills signed jersey to AND1 shoes and messenger bags. I would give anything to be a kid again.

Somehow I think my 3 kids will be putting in some entries!

What's Happening in the USA:
Today the Celtics and the Cavs play for all the marbles (Game 7). The reward for winning this game is a rested Detroit Pistons. Here is a breakdown.

MVP Kobe Bryant leads his Lakers past the Utah Jazz. I watched this game. Did anyone else think Okur should have passed it back to Kyle Korver for a three in the corner?

Terry Porter gets interview with Suns.

Kevin Love getting ready for the draft. (Watch the video to see what he's going thru.)

Award winners of the playoffs so far.

Stephen A on new GM Donnie Walsh and the Knicks.

The smartest but worst team in America?

News from Around Here
Jawai trimming down to get that PHAT cheque.

Conner Henry is now officially the head coach of Perth.

Nicholls St touring Australia.


Snoop Wogg said...

You are so right, Okur would never get a run for the Tainers with court vision like that! I had 20 on the Jazz at fitty to one to win it all in Jan. I was screaming at Okur after he bricked that 3...Better team won however. Now, will Kobe get to his first finals sans Shaq? I hope the Hornets get through and smash 'em...

DJ Rod said...

Can't believe he didn't pass it! Korver has been playin a bit crap but during the regular season he has been cash money... and you know how much I hate Kobe

John Rillie said...

Wogg and Rod:

KOBE is the man. Lakers vs Pistons!

Snoop Wogg said...