Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What My Research Has Found Out & Kobe Close To Championship

We'll start the bidding at $50 for the trophy.

Today I worked the phones a little and did my research. Here is what I have found out about the Brisbane and Sydney situation.

Lets start with the Bullets. For the guys (Greg Vanderjagt, Adam Gibson, Stephen Weigh, Anthony Petrie, Cam Rigby) that signed contracts under the David Kemp consortium, they have all become free agents.

They have been left to scamper around and secure one of the few roster spots still available. I have a felling some will be left out in the cold as their points value is too much for teams to accommodate.

Maybe the NBL should look at extending rosters to twelve to accommodate the 16 potential new free agents. Just my idea to help out a fellow player.

For all those Adam Gibson fans, look for the Tasmanian to become a South Dragon in the near future.

The Dragons also seem to have settled on their import spots. It is going to be a high octane backcourt with Cortez Groves and Ebi Ere if this rumour is correct. No wonder Brian Goorjian is trying to get pass first point guard Gibson to sign with the Victorian franchise.

Now to the Kings. The players are doing whatever possible they can do to get their cash that is still owed to them. Rightly so to. They have held up their end of the bargain. They deserve a pat on the back for keeping their mouth shut for so long.

Once the dust settles from the players jostling for positions in their dash for cash (they may find a few other athletes in line too), look for some of these players to find new addresses for the 2008/09 season. Who could blame them, would you want to go through another year or two of that?

The NBL has been taking it up the "you know what" for the past 24 hours but I agree with what Hall of Famer Andrew Vlahov said. (please read)

Although it is disappointing that two of the more recognizable franchises are on the brink of extinction, there are many clubs out there making good. We should not lose sight that all is not bad with the NBL.

Fox Sports show "The Back Page" gave it to the league last night. It is amazing how two clubs can paint a pretty bleak picture for the rest of the franchises.

I'm not saying the league is where it was in the late 80's and 90's but I actually sensed some good coming from last year. Franchises have begun to turn it around and heading in the right direction.

It is a trying time for the NBL right now but I feel that the competition may be a better product with less teams. You never like to see the death of a franchise but life goes on.

Season 2008/09 tipoff cannot come soon enough.

NBL Articles:
Some positive news..Perth has money to sign Darnell Hinson.

This is how Greg Vanderjagt spent his birthday. Lucky him.

Blaze have some love for the Bullets.

Former NBL player Anthony Stewart is running a camp for kids. The emphasis on the camp is how to become a real pain in the ass - Anthony Stewart style.

Boomers begin their Olympic build up this weekend.

D-Mac will not be signing with the Bullets any time soon!

Kobe Bryant an the Los angles Lakers edged to within one game of the championship series. They go 3-1 up on the San Antonio Spurs.

Spurs do not cry foul.

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Is Robert Horry a Hall of Famer?

Orlando Pre Draft Camp started.

Ford has Nathan Jawai at 29.

TNT Playoff Mix - Not bad marketing!


The Substitute said...

Thanks for the clarification(s), JR.

I am working on a post about this topic at the moment so I won't bore you with my overall opinion just yet.

I agree that the NBL might be a better product with less teams, but the wrong teams are falling over!!! The NBL needs teams in Sydney and Brisbane and if the current teams fall over they will be replaced in time. So in the long run, the number of teams will stay the same.

If it were Wollongong or West Sydney on the brink of collapse that would ensure a reduction in teams.

John Rillie said...

I look forward to the read Sub.

DJ Leon Smith said...

This whole situation sucks. I'm mad at what's happened with the NBL, I think the only feeling that could compare to this would be if Kobe Bryant was traded to the Seattle Sonics as they move to Oklahoma - so many conflicting feelings.

And I feel a bit dirty having written this two months ago...

glockers said...

I disagree the league is fine losing Brisbane and Sydney. They are two key markets that bring in corporate support.

The small franchises will end up suffering without those teams. Expect Foxtel to have less interest if no Brisbane and no Sydney exist. I would also expect mainstream media would care less.

So it might survive, but it would cease to have much relevance.