Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dmac To Dragons? and Jawai Moving Up

Nathan Jawai is being compared to Charles Oakley.

Less than 24 hours ago Darryl MacDonald was retired from basketball. Now my sources have informed me he is heading to the South Dragons!

Yesterday a few media outlets hinted that MacDonald was heading to the Brisbane Bullets on a three year deal. One to play, then two more as an assistant coach.

MacDonald has played for Brian Goorjian before so the move across town is not out of the question.

I will keep my ear low to the ground on this one and keep you informed as we go.

Nathan Jawai has skyrocketed up the draft board to number 28 in the 2008 NBA draft.

It is still 42 days to go before the draft so a lot can happen but here is a look at what Big Nate has in front of him.

He is heading State side this week and all his focus will be on the Orlando Pre Draft Camp. This camp in Florida runs from May 27 to the 30th. This is where Jawai needs to shine as this is the best forum before the draft happens. During his time at the camp he will be put through drills during the day and play games at night, all under the watchful eye of NBA execs. (Check out the above link for a full run down on a days activity.)

After the camp is over Jawai can then go and work out for teams individually. This year is the first time this has happened. Previously players could workout before and during this camp for teams.

Rumours have Jawai working out for 19 teams. It could easily escalate to well into the twenties if his camp goes well.

All the best to Nate and fellow Aussie Aleks Maric who will be attending the Orlando camp as well.

Other NBL News:

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State Side:

Celts win again at home. They lead 3-2 against the LeBron's.

Lakers back to winning ways. Take 3-2 lead over Jazz.

Bill Simmons with a classic.

Ainge wins Top Exec award.

Marbury is practicing for new style.

Sonics future is not clear. (DJ Leon Smith will be having some sleepless nights!)

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Anonymous said...

some other whispers for you...

Rob Rose to Singapore
Damon Lowrey to Wollongong
Steve Breheny to Adelaide
Phil Smythe to Sydney
John Rillie to Crocodiles

John Rillie said...

haha...lets see what happens over time.

The Substitute said...

Sounds like this would add an interesting string to the Dragon's bow this year IF (and thats a big if) he can in fact endure another season.

If Ere and DMac both get over the line, it makes it even harder to believe it is possible for the Dragons to fit under the caps. (Not that it has stopped any NBL teams before, mind you).

John Rillie said...


Seems that both those guys may be in the black and red this season.

What a matchup they will have with the Tigers.

DJ Leon Smith said...

Fire David Stern.

djrod said...

is this CJ and Dillon practising in the pre-season?