Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mailman Has Not Always Delivered

Mailman looking after Horry's family better than his?

Wow, just when you thought a guy could ride off into the sunset, Karl "the Mailman" Malone has resurfaced in the media for the wrong reasons.

Malone has been the centre of a media attack since his biological son got drafted in the NFL. Demetrius Bell was drafted in the seventh round by the Buffalo Bills.

The twist to this story has Malone taking no responsibility for his child, Bell, since he was born.

I'm not here to argue whether Malone has done the right thing by rejecting his son but why all of a sudden has the media taken an interest to the story now. Why wasn't this news worthy when this kid was in say high school?

To me it seems that the media is trying to paint Malone as a cold hearted person. This is probably true because I don't know how someone could leave one of their own to pursue life without a father figure.

BUT, when I last checked the Mailman was not playing in the Father of the Year League. I believe all to often athletes are asked to live squeaky clean lives. Is there anyone out there that can say they have lead such a pure life?

An example of what I'm talking about. Today I went and met with my accountant. Now I go there for the guy to get me a tax refund. I have no need to know the inner details of his personal life. It does not effect me or our business relationship. I go there to get his best accounting advice, not anything else.

Athletes on the otherhand are suppose to be these super humans who never mess up.

Now the Mailman should be a first time ballot Hall of Famer. I believe he still will be but there will be critics out there that say otherwise due to these findings about Malone and his younger days. His basketball career becomes tarnished by something that has no bearing on his performance in the workplace.

I always admired Malone from a distance for the way he played the game and he seemed to have a tireless work ethic. So why now should I think differently of his basketball skills just because he didn't live life the way some else wanted him to.

We all make mistakes in life and I just hope we remember Karl Malone for the special deliveries he made on the court, not the house calls he made in his younger days.

If you would like to get a different point of view on this, check out DJ Leon Smith and see his thoughts on Karl Malone and Kobe.

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Karl Malone skit on The Man Show


DJ Leon Smith said...

JR don't forget that Demetrius' mother was only 13 when she gave birth to him. And the reason it wasn't news when the kid was in high school was because he only found out the Mailman was his dad after he graduated.

Malone is rocketing up my list of players (well, ex-player in his case) I can't stand - he's got a ways to go before he reaches Kobe territory though :)

djrod said...

WHAT??? 13?