Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Around The ABA


Here are the weekly boxscores of all things ABA.

Queensland: Blair Smith is getting the hang of this player/coach thing. Logs 46 minutes.

Waratah: Someone please tell me that is Butch Hays Jr playing for Maitland!

Big V: New Tiger Young Australian Player (YAP) Daniel Johnson goes off for 66. That is a Big V scoring record.

SEABL: Anthony Stewart drops 41. No chance he will be a YAP.

South Australia: Rupert Sapwell's Norwood Flames have an offensive explosion of 122 points. How many were bank 3's?

Western Australia: Geraldton have another solid win. The memories of Ben Pepper keep fading with each sunset.

NBL News:
CJ Bruton and Dillon Boucher finally ink their deals with the New Zealand Breakers. Although Bruton signed for three years, the Kiwi's should get nervous after two.

Shane Heal is close to signing with the Gold Coast Blaze. They had some good meetings last week.

Crocs sign Williamson (B-Rad). Hope he likes #6 as it already has Williamson (Drew) on it.

Kiwi Nick Horvath signs with the South Dragons.

Dunking machine Pero Vasiljevic could be back in the league.

State Side:
Cavs tie series up (2-2) against the Celtics.

Daily Dime

The NBA draft is closing in on us. Mike Beasley was considered a lock for number 1. Not any more. Check out ESPN's Chad Ford and see how he believes it will go down.

All-Defensive team named.

Suns in the dark about who will coach them now.

The Original "Birdman" is back in the NBA. Chris Andersen has done his time and is now ready to move on with his life.

USC in some hot water.

Russell and Garnett Chat


Darren said...

Is it your job scouting around the ABA league for new talent for the crocs??

John Rillie said...


No it's not. How are those Pigs looking for next year?