Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rumble In The Jungle

There was a little bit of "handbags at 10 paces" for the boys after the Gold Coast Blaze inflicted the Perth Wildcats with their first home loss of the season.

Former Wildcats Chris Goulding and James Harvey "saluted" the Perth faithful, while Wildcat Stephen Weigh (he is on report) took offense to the antics displayed by the Blaze pair.

No doubt the question looms, "is this good for the sport?"

I did find it amusing that Blaze manager "Big Joe" was helping break up the melee with a t-shirt that read, "get in the game!".

I would love to hear your thoughts after you have watched to footage.


ClintDogg said...

The ladies on the score bench shat themselves. lol.

It was nothing.

KeysyinChina said...

While others were standing around looking tough who was the first man to jump in and defend his mates??? Reminds me of a few battles had at Belconnen over he years...

I also hear Luke Schenscher attemped to play defence on Peach... ha! That really must have been funny to see.

Wedge said...

I love Joey Wright! 'Lets get in the papers'. He is definitely right though. Should be good next time those two teams meet again.

Dodge Taylor said...

Funny stuff all round.

Yes, you want heated rivalries and there was only shoving so there's nothing wrong with it in my opinion.

Like Joey said, you want to make the newspapers and if it has to be this way, that isn't so bad.

After the Blaze won on the coast and then went over to Perth and beat them there too, they had every reason to be pumped.

With these two teams nearing the top of the ladder, can't wait to see them meet again.

Joshua said...

i am a wildcats member but cant stant them but love watching nbl and am a massive gold coast fan. there was bugger all in the incident. harvs and goulding were just doing their tap tap salute celebration as ive seem them do it before and weigh just came in and gave them a bump to let them know he was there. nothing in it at all. good to see something like that happen. nbl is bloody awesome and needs all the hype and news it can get so more ppl start to get into it and make it bigger and bigger. wildcats fans were going crazy and i had lost my voice from going nuts each time the blaze sunk a bomb from the land of plenty