Friday, November 20, 2009

What I'm Up To Today

Courtesy of the Townsville Bulletin, this is what I'm up to today.

"A FAMILIAR face strode into Townsville airport yesterday in the unfamiliar colours of the New Zealand Breakers.

Former Crocs skipper John Rillie, pictured, will take to the court tonight as the enemy in his new role as a bench player for the team from across the ditch.

The 38-year-old jokingly said he was expecting a 'standing ovation' from The Swamp faithful, but knows he may cop a bit of stick from his former fans.

But first and foremost on his mind is helping his club notch up their first win on the road for the 2009/10 season after they were beaten by 77-64 Cairns on Wednesday night.

''To tell you the truth I haven't thought about that too much after our lacklustre effort,'' he said. ''Obviously the team is a bit disappointed after our performance in Cairns. That's going to be an interesting feeling, going back there and playing.

''What happens, how it happens, I'm not sure. It's just going to be one of those things when you walk into the arena how your emotions go about it.

''We haven't tasted success on the road so right now we're just trying to get that monkey off the back.''

After earning his lifeline last week, Rillie has had time to adapt to the New Zealand program which is missing sharpshooter Kirk Penney (injury) and sacked import Awvee Storey.
Rated as one of the championship favourites at the beginning of the season, the Breakers are sitting outside of the NBL top four largely due to their poor road form.

Rillie said the club was heading in a new direction though and was confident they could get their maiden away win against his former club.

''The team's a work in progress right now, I think with the changes that they've made we're just trying to see where we're going and the direction,'' he said. ''We need a road win more than anything.

''Slowly but surely I'm coming along, I think last week was just raw emotion playing a part in at all,'' Rillie said. ''I think now playing a couple of games in a couple of nights, that will be the real test, just to see where my fitness level is.''

Rillie has played two games for New Zealand so far and scored three points against Wollongong and six points against Cairns - all three-pointers. He expected his role to be more of the same tonight but said if the shots start dropping, he could be in for a big night.

''The situation coming in, (there's) not too much expectation right now, I think it's a feeling out process,'' he said.

''I guess when I do get opportunity I've got to go out there and just make the most of it.''


Basketball/Croc Fan said...

Good Luck Tonight. So excited to see you back on the court - I'm tipping you will have an awesome game. Pretty sure the Croc fans still love you, we just don't love it that they didnt re sign you Crazy.

Snoop Wogg said...

Get 'em up, JR! Love, The Tainers.