Friday, November 27, 2009

Wasting My Night Away

Well the Townsville Crocodiles and the Adelaide 36ers have just got underway. The only way for me to keep track of this game is through the live stats on the NBL website. So, to fill in my time in between "live" updates, I will link all articles that I read during this time.

- Australian basketball is not the only place finding it hard to get the required dollars necessary to start a new franchise. Southland in New Zealand are on the clock, in their quest to join the New Zealand NBL next season.

- Cairns Taipans were inconsistent against the mighty New Zealand Breakers.

- In case you have not heard, the NBL has come down heavily on the Melbourne Tigers after a courtside incident in last week's game at The Cage.

- "The Roar" blog gives us their option on how the Fox Sports television deal is impacting the sport.

Crocs up 18-15 at quarter time. Rolan Roberts has 7rebs for the Crocs.

- Gold Coast Blaze young gun Chris Goulding (Got it confirmed this week the "u" is silent so the Fox commentators are right in their pronunciation of "Golding".) has a whole lot of self belief.

- Boti Nagy weighs (not Stephen) in on the Heal/Groves saga. Here is some of the commentary that took place.

- Is the Cairns Taipans budget in trouble?

- The Wollongong Hawks are to do some "soul searching" before they head across the ditch next week.

- Another youngster ditches basketball for AFL shot.

- "They have some good ball-shooters like (Nathan) Herbert", Townsville Crocodiles Head Coach Trevor Gleeson tells the Townsville Bulletin as they prepare for the Adelaide 36ers tonight.

Crocs by nine at the half, 46-37. Crawford 14, Williams 12 for the Crocs.

- The Gonzaga Bulldogs headed to Hawai outside of the NCAA Top 25. After returning to the mainland as winners of the Maui Invitational, serious consideration must now be due.

- Check out Melbourne Tigers forward Mark Worthington and his "new edition".

- D2 Alaska-Anchorage defeated D1 school Nicholls St, 72-58. Besides being considered a huge upset, there where six Aussies in this game.

Crocs up ten at 3/4 time. Crawford 21, Williams 16 for the Crocs.

Charles Barkely and Jimmy Kimmel discuss losing weight.

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ClintDogg said...

GREAT Charles Barkely and Jimmy Kimmel interview.

"If your in a fantasy League, your a loser!". So true.