Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pull The Trigger - The Fully, Massive, Bloody Oath Episode

Episode 5 of "Pull The Trigger" has arrived. Now being honest, it is not my favourite episode but don't let me be the judge of Cameron Tragardh's line of thought.

Check out his poor impersonation of Matt Campbell, while Glen Saville seems to have refereeing as a career path in the near future.

The funniest part of PTT for me was (look around the 6-7min mark) when Tragardh's gag got no response from a punter. He was trying the old tap on the shoulder trick, but looked rather perplexed when he got no response from the young lad. You can see the look on Trigger's face as if to say "why aren't you turning around".

Trigger, you need to tap them on the shoulder, not the backpack strap.

One Hawks fan was not happy with Townsville Crocodiles Corey "Homicide" Williams performance in the Gong, not so long ago.


Kevvy said...

Nice spotting on the backstrap tap... didn't notice that whilst applying the super slow mo special effects!!

Agree that it's not the best, found it tough getting the right punters to be involved. We probably should have done some voice over on the ghosting but the host wanted it up... :P

The "uncut" edition will have some funnies on it.

ClintDogg said...

I'd have to say, this 1 was funny at the start, and Sav as a Ref was a trip.

But the audio has clicks n glitches all thru it, and what was that shit with the half screen/pic showing?. Why?.. The acting was pretty poor too, they should not have been giggling and laughing like little teenage girls when the stunts were going on, it would off been much better.

gocrocs said...

what? the host has become a diva already?