Sunday, November 1, 2009

Aussie Hoopers Around The Globe

Whether it is over Kobe Bryant or playing in Turkey, Brad Newley knows how to score the ball.

I have not done an around the globe look in at how our exports are doing, so here is the latest on how they are performing on the international stage.

- Former Townsville Crocodile Brad Newley has taken his game to Turkey after a two year stint in Greece. Newley continues to shine as he had 19pts and 4rebs as his team, Besiktas, defeated a fellow GU Alum, Richie Frahm and his team, Mersin, 85-74.

- Let's turn to the NBA and Andrew Bogut and his Milwaukee Bucks got a win against the Detroit Pistons. Bogut helped with 6pts and 8rebs as he battled foul trouble. More importantly, I wonder how the Buck fans are going with the sweet seats Bogut has kindly purchased for the home fans?

Portland Trailblazer Pat Mills registered a DNP, while David Andersen hit the court for 10 minutes and 2 points as the Houston Rockets snuck by the Blazers and Brandon Roy's 42 pts.

Tomorrow will see Minnesota Timberwolf Nathan Jawai get a chance and Mills gets to look forward to some PT (playing time) as the Blazers play back to back games.

Re Mills: I just find it funny that he is listed on the roster but will be out of action for quite some time due to his foot injury. Got to love that.

- Former NBL scoring machine Ebi Ere had a lazy 21pts and 6 rebs as his team cantered to an easy win in Italy.

- Ever wondered what happened to Commonwealth Games gold medalist Neil Mottram. Well he has teamed up with former South Dragons championship winning guard Rhys Carter (and 10th leading scorer in the league) in the Swedish League for a team named Gothia. They had a 92-76 win over the weekend. Both Aussies had strong performances (click on score to see stats) with Mottram fouling out, which should not be a surprise to anyone. Keep up the good work boys.

- Former Sydney Spirit star Matt Knight is now eating glass in Hungary. Click here to see how efficient his last monster game of 24pts and 14rebs came about.

- Click on the individual names to see their stats from this year to date.

Aleks Maric, Aron Baynes, Joe Ingles, Matt Nielsen, Wade Helliwell and Alex Loughton.


Brett said...

Great to see Australians doing well.

Also while im sure you know it might be worth mentioning that Patty is on the injury list and isnt expect to play until January

freindly said...

Mills is out of action until some time next year with a broken foot. No chance of PT for him any time soon.