Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jones Jr To Hoop It Up On The Gold Coast?

Roy Jones Jr may return to Australia to play hoops.
Roy Jones Jr is in Australia to fight Danny Green, but the do-everything-athlete has suggested he may come back next year to play some hoops on the Gold Coast.

Is this a case of a boxer pumping up his own tyres right before he climbs into the ring for another bout or does this statement carry some validity?

Jones Jr has played semi professional hoops in the States before and has even played in a game then gone and fought. You have to give him some credit for this unique combination.

I'm really not to sure what to think out this. It might be a great promotion for the game, but my money is on a one on one contest between Jones Jr and Anthony "The Man" Mundine.

I can see it now. Surfers Paradise, on the beach, bikini clad women everywhere and two of the greatest showmen ever, battling it out on a temporarily built hardwood floor beachside.

I will take Mundine in this contest as I have seen his hooping skills first hand.

Who you got?

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