Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ogilvy Off The Bench

Thanks to a concussion, AJ Ogilvy has been coming off the bench.

One of Australia's best in the college system is AJ Ogilvy. Playing for the Vanderbilt Commodores but due to a concussion suffered during the preseason, his role has been limited to coming off the bench.

The Commodores smashed their DII opponent, Alabama-Huntsville, in their exhibition game 91-56.

This is how Yahoo! Sports has reported the Ogilvy bench situation.

"Festus Ezeli started over A.J. Ogilvy due to Ogilvy's missing the majority of preseason practice due to a concussion. Stallings (head coach of Vandy) says that Ogilvy's concussion is fully healed, but said that Ogilvy was nowhere near his full-game readiness due to missed time."

Vandy's season opener is against the high powered Lipscomb Bison on the 16th of November.

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