Tuesday, November 17, 2009

JR & CJ Interview

I caught up with new teammate CJ Bruton before we head out on the road for a pivotal "Sunshine Swing".

Bruton talks about his time in Europe, oops, he meant New Zealand and how we are going to do on our trip to sunny North Queensland.

CJ also mentions that the weekend consists of both Saturday and Sunday, but he questions whether Head Coach Andrej Lemanis is in tune with his line of thinking.

Corey "Homicide" Williams loves competing against the best but CJ tells him he is the boss of the final ten minutes.


ClintDogg said...

Why is CJ talking in an Aussie accent with JA?. When hes on the court or in a TV interview, the American accent comes out?. Does he know if hes black or white?. Aussie or Yank?.

JAOnFire said...

If I was selected after I was booted out of an NBL team and didn't look like ever getting back, I wouldn't be making no nerdy blog or Video for the Internet. I would be concentrating on my Basketball and my Game. Doing everything not to get kicked off again.

Waste of time these videos and blogs.

gocrocs said...

Well actually CJ is both Aussie and American...

He was born in the states and has dual citizenship!

What your excuse for having 3 (or 4) different personalities? Clint Dogg, JAOnFire etc?

ClintDogg said...

Im sorry 3 (or 4) different personalities???????.

DJ, MC, and Music Producer, thats the 3.

What happened to all the names that used to be posting on hgere? Ahhhhhhhhh, they WERE FAKE. Wheres DJ Rod these days?. Why is he not postring under his real name anymore?. DJ Rod = GOCROCS.