Tuesday, December 1, 2009

News & Name Sake Means Nothing To Homicide

I need your help Vodafone. Read below to see why.
It's a little late here in Kiwiland so I'm just throwing some random stuff at you tonight.

- Aussie AJ Ogilvy has got his junior season off to a slow start as his fast starting (4-1) Vanderbilt look towards their matchup with Missouri. I hope he gets his season back onto a consistent track soon.

- The Perth Wildcats and the Gold Coast Blaze are $1500 lighter in their pockets due to their dance at the end of their game on Saturday.

- NBA players Amare Stoudemire of the Phoenix Suns, Rasheed Wallace of the Boston Celtics and Tyson Chandler of the Charlotte Bobcats have been fined over separate Twitter incidents.

The NBA have rules and regulations regarding times when players can and can't Twitter before, during and after games.

My understanding is that the NBL has no such thing in place. Can I be the first player on the NBL front to make this happen? Vodafone who is a Breakers sponsor I need your help. My current phone model and plan will not allow for this to happen. Can you help me out?

- Teammate Oscar Forman of the New Zealand Breakers has taken out the Player of the Week award for his great shooting display against the Cairns Taipans last week.

- Adelaide 36ers Coach Scott Ninnis will not be focusing purely on former player Julius Hodge. (No the crowd will stitch up Hodge.)

The Melbourne Tigers are the only team to defeat the 36ers at home this year, and that was without Hodge.

Can anyone in Adelaide let me know if Brad Davidson is attending this game?

- Adelaide 36ers centre Matt Burston is still battling injuries.

- "I'm not too worried about it", Cairns Taipan Gary Booknikoff tells the Cairns Post.

- Rome wasn't build in a day, and that's the approach Rolan Roberts and the Townsville Crocodiles are taking.

- Perth Wildcats point guard Brad Robbins is ready for Corey "Homicide" Williams and Peter Crawford.

- Corey Williams has no idea who his name sake Kerry Williams from the Cairns Taipans is?

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ClintDogg said...

Oscar Forman should not have taken out the Player of the Week award hes garbage.

HomOcide better know who our AUSSIE players are in OUR country that hes not from, Kerry Williams from the Cairns Taipans is a dead set champ in the making.