Wednesday, December 30, 2009

MasterChef Joins The NBL?

I love dropping by The Bball Scoop blog to see what colourful topic they have come up with.

The latest article talks about some "home cooking" in the recent Melbourne/Wollongong played on Boxing Day and how the reality TV program "MasterChef" has taken an interest in the country's premier basketball competition.

As I was in transit back to New Zealand, I have not seen the game so I cannot comment on this aspect of the article.

But what I do like is the humour in which the story is written. Not sure how the NBL head office views it, but I believe the Aussie basketball scene needs to promote this type of work.

My lack of ability to be creative with the English language (unlike The Bball Scoop) will not do the article justice, so click here to read.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Keep up the great work Bball Scoop.


ClintDogg said...

What type of nerdy or geek writes "pretend" stories and posts them on the Internet?. They need to get out more I think. Put these energy levels to good use, instead of dreaming and pretending to be an NBL Jurno.

Cameron Tragardh plain chocked in this game.

ClintDogg said...

LOL at these nerds and geeks writing this stuff. Get a LIFE!.