Monday, December 21, 2009

What's Making News Around The NBL

Adam Ballinger at the peak. He was awarded this month's NBL POM award.
Before I start to pack my bag and head for home (Townsville) to see me family over the Christmas break, I will get you up to speed as to what is happening around the media traps.

Yes, I know it is a lazy way of blogging but my day has been a tough one. After a team practice session this morning it has all been down hill since then.

An hour was spent on the massage table, and yes, they can massage bone. Following that relaxing time it was off to my local croquet club (I think I found life after basketball!) to enjoy the New Zealand Breakers Christmas party.

After an action packed afternoon like that you will understand that I'm physically buggered. Hence the major linkage to all the news articles but at least you will be up to date now.

- Adelaide 36ers captain Adam Ballinger and Gold Coast Blaze Head Coach Joey Wright have respectively taken out the player and coach of the month (November) award for the NBL.

- The New Zealand Breakers are running out of time if they wish to bring in a second import to fill the spot vacated by Awvee Storey.

- Gold Coast Blaze head in the Christmas break at the top of the NBL ladder.

- Just last week everyone was questioning if the Adelaide 36ers could win a close game. A week later everyone is talking about the resurging 36ers.

- Cairns Taipan import Rich Melzer is handing out the right advice to his teammates. Will Santa be so kind to the top of the north?

- One of the leading candidates for the NBL Rookie of the Year award, Wollongong Hawk Tim Coenraad will join the Mackay Meteors in the off season.

- The Townsville Crocodiles are happy to be at 10-8 at their Christmas break.

- Perth Wildcats Head Coach Rob "hand me a stiff" Beveridge was disappointed in his team's effort against the Adelaide 36ers on the weekend.

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