Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Dagger

Once we drop a few of these (dagger), the Breakers season will be back on track.

For the second straight week, we (the New Zealand Breakers) have found a way to cough up great second half lead to be caught with our pants down when the final buzzer sounds.

Now, for a team that has found a way to get themselves into these situations there are a couple of ways this can go for a team.

Obviously, any team we play in the near future will rightly be playing on this trend. Opposition coaches will reinforce to his team and throw out phrases such as "they will let us back in the game" and "stay with it, they will give us a chance".

This will happen for sure. Sport is just as much a mind game as it is about physical prowess.

But I like to look at it like this. We have played and out played the two best teams (Wollongong and Perth) over the past week for the majority of the contest. This shows me that we are doing something right, most of the time.

There is no getting away from the issue that we need to discover a way of closing out games but with the makeup of our roster, I can see this issue getting resolved rather soon.

We have game winners and several guys that can deliver the dagger in tight game situations. We actually have options, something not all teams posses.

Until we show the rest of the league that we can close out games, the opposition will always feel they are a chance.

What we have shown is that we can hang with the "top dogs" of the NBL. It would be a different story had we been losing by a large margin.

I feel we are right on the cusp of turning our form into a winning streak.

The good thing is we get another chance Saturday against the Adelaide 36ers on their home floor.

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Wedge said...

Nice win in Adelaide JR. Now make sure you beat up the Tigers at the cage next weekend! Kick them while they are down....