Monday, December 7, 2009

Hoops News ft Hurricane Hodge & PTT

- Julius Hodge and his stomping antics (see post below) have him splashed across all media outlets (great for the NBL). I have just linked all things Julius Hodge below.

A Stern Warning Kevin Brooks Boti Nagy The Age Fox Sports

- Pero Cameron is rumoured to be the player/coach in New Zealand NBL for the Wellington Saints.

I come across this article that mentions that Cameron is playing "coy" about the coaching situation and he "can't hide".

- Although a lot of attention has centred around Julius Hodge, the Adelaide 36ers should never have given Hodge the opportunity to parade around after the final buzzer.

The 36ers is not the only team guilty of this behaviour of the past week. My own New Zealand Breakers, we found a way to cough up a seemingly unbeatable situation to the Wollongong Hawks.

Along similar lines the Cairns Taipans surrendered a lead during the last sixty seconds of play against the Gold Coast Blaze on the road.

The ladder will show this season is tighter than myself. These are the type of games that can come back to haunt a team come the end of the season when you are scrambling for wins to make the playoffs.

Make a note in your diary to see if any of these results cost a team a playoff spot.

- The Cairns Taipans are once again "under the pump" with their financial situation.

- League leading Wollongong Hawks will have to stay focused during the holiday season. they have a tough schedule during this period, so there will not be too much Christmas cheer for Cameron Tragardh and his teammates.

- According to Townsville Crocodiles Head Coach Trevor Gleeson, it was a poor third quarter that cost the Crocs a road victory in Perth.

- After an impressive double double (22pts, 12 rebs) against the Townsville Crocodiles, Perth Wildcat centre Luke Schenscher feels like he is running into some form.

- Spend sixty seconds with Wildcat Drew Williamson.

- Former NBA ref Tim Donaghy has released a book. Here are some passages taken from the book. Interesting reading if you are a conspiracy theorist.

- The latest installment of "Pull The Trigger" is below for your viewing.

I have to thank host Cameron Tragardh for the "shout out". And yes what else is there besides the Gonzaga Bulldogs, Canberra Raiders and Texas Holdem Poker?

Since I'm so experienced in this field, my advice for Trigger this week is, don't be like Andrew Gaze and sit on the fence. If you are going to have a crack at somebody, let's say Jesse Wagstaff, don't try and put the vehicle in reverse once the damage has been done.

Trigger, I'm sure you will hear from the Perth fans next time you head west.

I have to admit it is a better episode than the last.

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ClintDogg said...

"thank host Cameron Tragardh for the "shoot out"??????????. U r showing your Ganxta side the JA, its "Shout Out" with a "U".

Cameron Tragardh is such a tool.

On the Poll, my vote was 4 The D-Lisch Three, even tho hes a crap player. Can some1 please tell me what was McKee's intro to Perth crowd all about?.

Hodge stomping the signature, Nah, it was nothing.