Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's Back Baby, The OT

These ladies are happy to see "The OT" back.

With a Marv Albert, YESSSSS ringing through my head, I'm happy to say The OT is back.

This sites podcast has been on a hiatious for most of the off season due to some shenanigans, but I have mustered up the testosterone to give this whole process a crack myself.

My former partner in crime DJ Rod and myself have had to part ways (not our own doing) so I've jumper into the drivers seat and am learning the technical side of things on the fly.

Enough of the small talk.

On this week's episode of "The OT", I review Round 1 of the NBL as well as look forward to Round 2.

My special guest is Wollongong Hawk and dual Olympian Glen Saville. He talks about the Hawks surviving and what it meant to be able to play last Friday night at the Sandpit. Sav introduces dynomite point guard Ty McKee to the Aussie delicasy, the boiled spud.

Turn in and let me no what you think of the solo effort.

In other news, Mark Worthington and Ben Knight play Starsky and Hutch the night before their season tips off against the New Zealand Breakers, at The Cage. (Also can be viewed on Fox Sports at 7.30pm Wednesday)

On his own blog Worthington describes Knight and himself as Starsky and Hutch, but I think of this combo more as Columbo and Murdock from the A-Team.

Worthington tells us that, "We have had some trouble in my neighborhood with people opening mail, stealing credit cards (Benny Knight's) and leaving mail in different places. Tonight I found him. The thrill of the chase was on." (full story here)

I cannot wait for more on this story. so please keep us posted Wortho. I'm thinking Dukes of Hazzard style next time boys!

The Wollongong Hawks are at it again. Leading the way with "Most You Tube Footage", the Hawks Larry Davidson talks about getting "hammered", while dropping and giving Glen Saville five as he does the interview.

Already there have been whispers around the league wondering if the Hawks can be stayers. Same must be said about their "underground" journos.

All that said, I love your work Wollongong. Keep it going.


Jaime said...

Oh Johnny! Excited by the idea of a new podcast :D downloading now....

Jaime said...

Oh Johnny! Was excited to see a new podcast for the new season. Downloading now...

Jaime said...

shit JR just one of those thanks mate if they both came thru

Anonymous said...

It's a good day and a sad day at the same time! Good luck with the solo OT, JR...

mookie said...

Good to see the podcast back.

I liked the audio levels and the format you brought in with the previews/reviews etc. Quality effort.

Reddogg said...

Nice work JR,

Good to have you back.

ClintDogg said...

I will actually give the OT a listen now that you got rid of the dead weight, he sounded pretty wack and brought the show down with his antics.

I will get back to you on my 1st ever listen to a show.

JAOnFire said...

"Turn in and let me no what you think of the solo effort".

TURN in????????????????

TUNE in is the word you use.

Musos r "Turning" in their graves.

mark said...

Great episode JR! Good to see you back. One thing though.........i think you need a co-host. lol. Your a funny funny man feeding off someone else. Good stuff though and i'll be looking forward to the next one.

Jaime said...

thought it was a good first effort JR, the content was up to last seasons standards, the editing could do with a little work but im sure as time goes on you'll get that down. it was mostly the volume of the promo was much louder than the content(talking) and possibly where you had edited mid sentence or maybe changed topic there were a few words cut off early. i can imagine that you want a free flowing interview but maybe if you keep in mind that you may need to edit it later and to make sure there is no conflict with voices so as to get clean edits. as for when you were solo and youve cut out a word or two maybe look into using the tapering or fading on your sound software to keep it clean. hope i didnt bore everyone too much and that you find that helpful.