Tuesday, September 1, 2009

JR On Eurobasket

Out of site, out of mind. Not so for this one time Greek Tragedy and Greek journalist, Serafim Karaiskakis. Below are the hardhitting questions that the Eurobasket journalist wanted to know.

"Interview with John Rillie - Aug 31, 2009 (by Serafim Karaiskakis) John Rillie (195-G-71, college: Gonzaga) the famous Australian player spoke to Eurobasket.com.

Eurobasket.com: Tell us how you decided to become professional basketball player.

John Rillie: Becoming a pro player was a culmination of hard work and following a dream. From an early age I new I wanted to go to the USA and play college basketball. I was lucky enough to live the dream and have four very enjoyable years in the college system. One year at Tacoma Community College and three years at Gonzaga University. Good times. After college I was fortunate to be offered a pro deal in Australia with the Brisbane Bullets.The start of a fifteen year pro career.

Eurobasket.com: Pick the best starting five in your dream team.

John Rillie:

John Stockton - I need someone to get me the rock

Me - Best two guard getting around

Reggie Miller - Stockton would keep both of us happy

Larry Bird - He would be the glue guy. Give us a little of everything.

Moses Malone - I need a bull down low to rebound mine and Reggie's misses.

Eurobasket.com: How you stay in shape and still dominating in the NBL league?

John Rillie: Dominating is very kind.The way I feel I have allowed myself a long and successful career is I stay in shape all year round. I love the game of basketball so I will play anywhere, anytime.

Eurobasket.com: Inform your daily routine and give some tips to the young players.

John Rillie: Besides the usual time you spend with your team practicing, I always do some work on my own. You need to keep your individual skills sharp and you do not necessarily get this in a team practice. During the season I always make sure I get up at least an extra 250 made shots a day. I always keep count of makes.

Eurobasket.com: You played in AEK Athens, why you left from there?

John Rillie: The AEK situation is a very interesting one. Although I was not performing at the level I was hoping, the bank account was very light. When you are responsible for other people (wife and child), it is very important the bank account is getting looked after. History will show i was not the only one in a tough situation there.

Eurobasket.com: Whats your opinion about the strength of the Greek league.

John Rillie: I loved playing in the Greek competition and Euroleague. The European style is a lot different to Australia. In Europe it is very tacticial and half court driven. Each possession means a lot to the outcome of the game. Australia is very much run and gun and a whole lot looser. Europe really helped develop areas of my game that needed work to be successful at the international level.

Eurobasket.com: Inform us about the best game in your career.

John Rillie: I would say a 45pt (highest points by an Australian in an NBL playoff game) performance in a semi final series in NBL (Australia). We were the underdogs but me and my teammates had a great belief we could win the series.

Eurobasket.com: What are your plans for the future?

John Rillie: It seems my playing days are numbered so I hope I can stay involved in the sport somehow. I have just started a sports management company, so I'm hoping to provide a service and advice to help out the young players coming through. I would love to get into coaching as well."


Anonymous said...

What is the name of the Management company and how can we get involved ?

ClintDogg said...

yeah I got an interview with JA to.

Its goes like this.

Clint Dogg: Hi

JA: Hi Clint Dogg

Clint Dogg: So, JA, do u think u will ever play again?.

JA: Yeah 1 day

Clint Dogg: Nah, I think its over son.

JA: Me too.

Clint Dogg: Whats your fav Basketball show?

JA: The "T.O.". Its mad.

Clint Dogg: Same. R U gay?.

JA: Yes.

Clint Dogg: Why wont you and your boyfriend DJ Rod (aka DJ Dudd) take me on in a game of 2on2, with you guys choosing my NBL partner/Team mate?.

JA: Plain and simple, we r too scared of you, mainly DJ Rod tho cause hes a wimp.

Clint Dogg: Yeah thought so. Ok that wraps up this interview, thanks JA.

JA: No thank you.

Clint Dogg: ok, bye.

It went pretty well i thought.

Anonymous said...

clint get your hand off it.

mookie said...

I spotted that interview on Eurobasket.com JR. You're still remembered in the land of souvlaki.

The Sports Management company idea is a great one to get involved in -- a market that isn't as saturated as it is over in the States. Having a pro sports background seems to be a key to entry to the industry too. I've had my eye on it as a career move for some time!

If it interferes with your blogging though, we might have to put a stop to it! ;)

Anonymous said...

Clint you are an absolute tool.

Anonymous said...

Clint get somes friends and u might get some 1 play 2on 2 with,fucking hell brad Brad Davidson SAID NO to U HA HA HA

Anonymous said...

clint has no friends hahaha.asking jr to get him a team mate hahahaha fuck off

Anonymous said...

No Comments from you on the Boomers' efforts, JR?

Baz said...

May I direct you all to some links showing ClintDogg's popularity on the internet -


http://forums.leagueunlimited.com/showthread.php?t=323699 - Read all the way to the end... Page 9 has some of the best stuff.


You and J-Foxxy lady are real cool... I can just imagine you two fat bastards, cuddled up in bed feeding each other strawberries while he lovingly caresses your bald head, probably still living at your parents house. You were born white dude, get over it.

Anonymous said...

Rapping under a tarp in a backyard. That's gangsta. Clint, IDK who the f you are, but my buddies here in the US get a great laugh out of that vid.

Gaff said...

Ignore ClintDork and he'll go away.

Good luck on the sports management JR. Keep fit and who knows whether the crocs may need you this comming season.

J-Foxxx said...

New Video up lads -

LOL at JA not accepting this challenge hahahaha

Anonymous said...

oh his pussy cat died...

Anonymous said...

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ClintDogg said...

Rappers drive what they want. they dont have to have a car eiither.

What car do you drive?.

Anonymous said...

I though rappers had bling and all the girls and big houses. Well props to you Clint dogg. You are proving that rappers can be on the dole! I drove a BMW 5 series, but work pays for it, not centrelink.

ClintDogg said...

I "Though"??????????????

U meant "thought".

Learn how 2 spell and leave ya real name, then I will considor you.

until then.................

Anonymous said...

Haha thats all you got. Once you drive a real rappers car then talk to me. Til then.....

Anonymous said...

whats a real rappers car?

why dont you tell us all what kind of car you drive? And ya mum and dads dont count.