Monday, September 21, 2009

David Barlow In Spain

Former NBL star David Barlow has had a fast start with Spanish team CAI Zaragoza.

In his last game Barlow had an MVP game on the back of 24pts. If your quick you will see a few highlights from Barlow.

In another recent game Barlow dominated once again with 27 pts.

And I think this guy is pumping up Barlow's tyres.


Gaff said...

Nice to see some highlights of Aussies abroad. Some of those clips show though that we shouldn't be too worried about small crowds in Aus.

Eric said...

This is good stuff. Thanks for the update JR

mookie said...

Nice find, JR.

Good to see that Barlow is earning his euros with some good performances.

However what I am waiting for is the day he gets up there on the mic for a postgame interview in fluent Spanish!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Barlow is looking the goods.

Anonymous said...

He certainly is. Does anyone know how much he's getting paid?

Anonymous said...

Much more than the ABA, i mean NBL.

Frank said...

Love this one Clint - completely doctored - 1989 with www. anything on it is some boooolsheeeeet.

Anonymous said...

crowds look VERY small

ClintDogg said...

Yes of course its "doctored", the INTERNET WASNT AROUND IN 1989 fool. I just added the website, this is an original sticker from 89.

Rage Rage RR Rage
Hunter Pirates 2004
In paper 2009
Bullets Basketball Team 1990 -site
and how many of you posting on here have been in Basketball News?
I have HERE.

JAOnFire said...

I like these 1s here

Pinnining Some1s Ish on the Backboard

Backboard Taps 4 GAYHoopers

1990 High School Basketball Team IN USA

Keep them coming C-Dogg.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight - JA on fire isn't Clint Dogg but he posts youtube vision of him on his blog and pics of him on here?

So is JA on Fire C-Dogg's gay lover? Does J-Foxxx know?

Love triangle?

ClintDogg said...
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ClintDogg said...

Nah its not me, JAOnFire just knows his good stuff to post thats all. Not shit like this blog does.

Hope this clears things up 4 u

Anonymous said...

If you know everything, why aren't you rich?

ClintDogg said...

Just because some1 knows everything does not mean they are rich. And because some1s rich, it does not mean they know everything.

Your a weirdo thinking like that.

Anonymous said...

Clint can I buy your Hyundai off you? I found some coins in my couch.

Anonymous said...

hahhahahaa that is the call of the year......The anon above me should get a prize.

JAOnFire said...

No that's not the call of the year at all, Maybe the worst yes.

What sort of car do you drive big boy? Come, lets compare them.
Do u even own your own car? Or do u ride the bus and catch Taxis?.

Anonymous said...

I drive a 08 Calais Champ. You want me to send you pics? Luckily I have a job (yes i know you find this strange). But seriously how much you want for that Excell? Two 50 cent coins?

Anonymous said...

Yes, post a pic 4 proof.

Until you do I wont believe you.