Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ron Ron Involves "Homicide"

Today I was sitting at work trying to get a deal done with a farmer in Horsham when I received a text message from none other than former teammate, Corey "Homicide" Williams.

Before checking what he send me, I went out on a limb thinking he realised it was only three more sleeps until he takes the floor in the Townsville Crocodiles season opener against the Gold Coast Blaze and he was going to ask me if he could borrow my jumpshot.

Not so, he wanted to direct my attention to the latest Ron Artest rap video.

A few text messages later and he had finally nailed down the two minute mark as where Ron Ron, via lyric, delivers "Homicide's" cameo performance.

Check it out. I'm sure there will be something in the video that will grab your attention.

If you have to wait for buffering of the video, that just means Corey is watching it again or maybe, he may just have it on loop.

Side note: Artest is sporting his Peak appeal (Chinese company) with style, the same company that outfits the Australian Boomers. It may be a stretch, but could we see Artest in Green and Gold Peak gear anytime soon?


Dodge Taylor said...

All in all, not too bad. I really expected it to be worse ...

Eric said...

Are you talking to a man about a horse JR?

Anonymous said...

clint said this to some 1

LOOK at all your posts beloew in your recent activity, THEY ARE ALL ON MY SITE I AM YOUR LIFE WANKER.

so thats means jr and dj rod are ur life?

JAOnFire said...

I cant see any of Clint Doggs posts in this blog right here? Pleas point me to them , I'm missing something?.

Better rap vids from B-Ballers here =
and Here.

Anonymous said...

thats whats clint said on his utube page.

Anonymous said...

I cant see any posts by Clint Dogg in this thread/blog/post?.

WTF r u going on about, r U OBSESSED WITH HIM, or just BY him?.

Grow up.

Anonymous said...

umm guys it is him.He is like 10 people on here the stooge

Anonymous said...

Not, i just found out is wasnt him at all, silly me.