Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shooting Stars by LeBron James

2009 NBA MVP LeBron James appears on the Daily Show with John Stewart promoting his new book, "Shooting Stars".

Check it out and hear about LeBron "trying pot", hangin with his friends and how Stewart tries to recruit James to the New York Knicks.

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ClintDogg said...


Have we not got an NBL season starting soon?..


Anonymous said...

Everyone please ignore lets keep this basketball related.

Anonymous said...

JR btw you should make the comments part only be available to registered guests. This way morons will have to keep making fake email accounts once they get banned. Then again the same morons made a fake website, so we know they have no life.

Baz said...

Jr, as the admin can you ban this idiot(Clintcat)from Posting on your site? Hes a moron and has nothing of significance to contribute.

ClintDogg said...

"comments part only be available to registered guests", YES, I 2nd this action.

Im a REGISTERED GUEST, I post with my REGISTERED GUEST account every time, me not scared.

Anonymous said...

Nice update

Once again thanks 4 the new site

Hoss said...

Why you getting so wound up by ClintDogg his a funny guy?

Anonymous said...

I love him too.