Friday, September 11, 2009

Taipans Strike

Former Kiwi international Phill Jones has produced the goods for his new team the Cairns Taipans so far.

Last night saw the Cairns Taipans win an overtime thriller against the Townsville Crocodiles, 89-86 in front of a small crowd (couple hundred) in Townsville last night.

Crocs new signing Peter Crawford had a chance to win the game for his team at the end of regulation, but his missed free throw with 1.5 seconds remaining saw the game head into the extra period where the Taipans remained the more composed team to escape with a sloppy win.

From the outset, the game was marred by turnovers from both teams but it was the Crocs that got off to the fast start (up 7-0 to start the game) and it seemed they would not miss the services of import Corey Williams (sick), Russell Hinder (injured) and Brad Williamson (injured).

Slowly but surely the Taipans (missing Aaron Grabua and Gary Boodnikoff) worked themselves back into the game, thanks to some sizzling Phill Jones shooting, and led 46-44 at the main break.

The second half saw neither really stamp their authority on the game but the Taipans held a narrow lead for the majority of the time.

Fast forward to the last 10 seconds of regulation and the Taipans used their remaining two team fouls to eat up the clock and have the Crocs take the ball from the side.

With five seconds left in the game Crawford penetrated from the top of the key to the basket and was fouled and send to the free throw line with 1.5 seconds left.

First one was successful, while the second found a way to bounce off the front of the rim, and time expired.

In overtime it was back to back Skip Mills threes that opened up a five point lead for the Taipans. Sensing that the game was over the Taipans next few possession ended in disaster (shot clock violation on one). This allowed the Crocs a sniff.

Cutting the deficit to three and Crocs had one last chance to send it to a second overtime. The Crocs called timeout so they could advance the ball to half court and run a set play.

A well executed play saw Kelvin Robertson get fouled with 2.5 seconds left. Thinking that he had spotted up from the land of plenty the referee righted called only two shots for the "Kelvinator" as his feet where all over the line.

Thinking of making the first and missing the second, Robertson missed the first free throw. After missing the second on purpose, the mad scramble for the ball saw time beat everyone.

The Taipans walked out of the gym as winners but I'm sure neither coached would have been happy with this scrappy, turnover laden affair.

Both teams will now head to Cairns as they round out their preseason schedule with the return game on Saturday.

Thoughts From The Game

- Phill Jones is in good early season form. He was shooting the ball well at the Top End Challenge and it continued last night. His game high 17pts came at an efficient 67%.

I believe Jones will win his team at least 3-5 games this season due to great shooting performances on certain nights. With the games shortened to 40 minutes, someone like Jones who can score points in a hurry will have a huge impact on games.

- Taipans import Skip Mills (16pts, 9rebs) is solid without being flashy. The combo guard was not too heavily involved in the offense early, but it was his two threes in overtime that helped the Taipans build their lead.

- Crocs import Roaln Roberts (16pts, 9rebs) looks like he needs to continue to work on his fitness. Where I noticed it the most is his finishing around the basket. He has not found his touch around the hoop yet.

- Michael Cedar (Crocs) forced to play the point guard spot in the absence of Williams was solid with 15pts 6/16fgs, 8rebs and 6 assists.

- Cameron Tovey was the only player to record a double double (13pts, 10rebs) but his back to back three point attempts during the third quarter were not exactly good offense by the Crocs.

- I was impressed with the composure Taipans centre Ian Crosswhite played with last night. Finishing the game with 16pts, 5 rebs and 4 assists, he displayed a good feel for the game.


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