Saturday, September 5, 2009

Quick Hitters

Tim Lang would have loved to have been this high.

Day 3 action is only minutes away so here are some pieces of information I gathered from yesterday.

- The man of the hour for the Wollongong Hawks was Cameron Tragardh. He dropped a quick fire 40 on the lack luster Gold Coast Blaze. Tragardh had us in stitches after the game when he tried to convince us he did it on e one leg. He tried to say his calf was tight.

One of his teammates was quick to fire back, "Imagine how many you could of had if you had two good legs, Trigger?"

I will get a game time update on the one legged bandit.
- It's only a rumour but Chris Anstey and Sam MacKinnon should be seen in uniform tonight for the Melbourne Tigers.

- While New Zealand Breaker Tom Abercrombie had the play of the night with a tip jam off a missed free throw.

Blooper of the night went to young Tiger hopeful Tim Lang. The former Stetson grad did the right thing by creating a steal at half way. The "big fella's" eyes lit up as the runway was clear for take off. Too bad the mind and the body were not in sync ( side not, he just walked past as I'm writing this..haha). With dunk in mind he made it to about nine feet. Unlucky for him the hoops in Darwin are ten foot high.

Too make it worse for Lang there was a timeout after this disaster. Too make matters worse one of the Tigers coaching staff asked, "Are you ok or just humiliated?"

- The Adelaide 36ers are going to be short on numbers today due to injury and players heading back to South Australia to play in the final of their ABA.

Is Scott Ninnis thinking of doing a Shane Heal, player/coach scenario?

- Luke Schenscher has been given clearance by Kobe Bryant and the Los Angles Lakers so he will suit up tonight for the Perth Wildcats against the Melbourne Tigers.

- World's best team manger "Big Joe" of the Gold Coast Blaze takes his job very serious.

I have noticed his bench productivity has gone way down since the cheers girls were present last night.

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