Sunday, September 27, 2009

All Things NBL

A couple months ago it seemed it was going to be a stretch for the NBL, but last weekend saw the NBL kick off it's 32nd season.

Although there has been some complaining amongst NBL fans regarding the overall coverage that has been given to the opening week, here is everything that I can dig up regarding the start of the 2009/10 NBL season.

- Melbourne Tigers coach Al Westover is confident Olympian Mark Worthington will be ready for the Tigers season opener on Wednesday night against the New Zealand Breakers (1-0).

- Adelaide 36ers lose on opening night in Cairns. Despite a near triple double by John Gilchrist (20,10 & 6) the 36ers had a scoring drought during the fourth quarter. Former 36 and now Tiapan, Dusty Rychart closed in on a triple double (10,14 & 6) as he helped the northerners to a 86-75 home win.

- As always, Andrew Gaze is upbeat.

- NBL trying to put a little Aussie into their game night presentation.

- Tywain McKee is the new sheriff in Wollongong.

- New Zealand Breaker CJ Bruton is to become a better shooter after off season surgery on his elbow. CJ, expect to hear from a few players over the coming season, requesting the doctor's name.

- Have you taken Boti Nagy's NBL quiz?

- Al Westover believes the NBL should be a 12 team competition.

- Perth Wildcat captain Shawn Redhage has 10 reasons why his Wildcats will win the NBL title this year. Personally I thought #5 should have been higher on the list.

- Wildcats Head (Ranga) Coach Rob Beveridge is looking to build a dynasty out west. Last Ranga to build a pretty good dynasty was a guy by the name of Ronald (MacDonald). Now those are some big shoes to fill Robert.

- For all of Round 1's boxscores, click here.

- West Aussie journo Shayne Hope actually thinks I read his stuff?

- And a little self promotion to end this edition.

Wollongong Hawks/Perth Wildcats Highlights

Finally Get To Hear From Hawks Import Tywain McKee

It seems that I'm plugging a lot of Wollongong Hawks stuff of late. Easy fixed, if any NBL team sends me an e-mail and links, I will have no problem in putting your story into the cyber world.


SRC said...

How about when SRC gets some of the best NBL pix of the year, they are posted, maybe ????

mookie said...

Bring on the photos, Scott!

Anonymous said...

Shayne Hope is obviously a rookie-rookie bb journo whilst the real ones are still recovering from the end of AFL season. Thought it was disappointing, nothing new and some comments/stuff pinched from other paper's articles.
I love the excuse for replacing the captain. Sorry, but the Cats haven't had a solid offcourt/on court captain since Vlahov. Redhage just doesn't have the fire IMO.
Leadership roles in Perth get added as contract enticers but they aren't worth anything in this league.

JAOnFire said...

Im sorry, but JA will never play NBL ever again. "If the right situation were to come along, I would look at it, that's for sure" = HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

12 team competition YES.

Willie Jennette was a MAD player.

"Corey 'Homicide' Williams will again lead "Croc Nation" with a series of loud-mouth comments", will he ever STFU?.

Shayne Hope's piece was good.

Anonymous said...

DJ ROd/Ivon said: awesome - every can now just post as anonymous and not have to read his 4 different personalities idiodic replies!

SPEAKING OF "idiotic" replies, learn how to spell and some grammar.

Proof right there your a tosser.

Isaac said...

"Proof right there your a tosser."


JAOnFire said...

POST UNDER YOUR REAL BLOG NAMES (and the little ORANGE "B" comes up next to your name).

My real name is John Aillie. Clint Doggs real Stage name is Clint Dogg (re:

I think we are winning now 4 NIL, ZERO , NAUGHT, NOTHING,

Nice try tho.

From now on, Myself, J-Foxxx, and C-Dogg will NOT BE RESPONDING TO ANY Anonymous posts made here. We will only reply to REAL NAMES or REAL BLOGGER NAMEs and ACCOUNTs (with the little ORANGE "B" next to your name).

ClintDogg said...


Can you not read?.

"idiotic" is not spelt i.d.i.o.d.i.c.

"every can now just post as anonymous" means???????????????????.

Dont be a tosser Isaac.

Isaac said...

Clint, where did I say anything about how "idiotic" was spelled?

I was only highlighting that Anonymous' critique of spelling and grammar included an error itself.

It's called Skitt's Law.

Anonymous said...

"Proof right there your (you're) a tosser"
= Skitt's Law!

Anonymous said...

good, so from now on, everyone just post as anonymous so we dont have to deal with shithouse, primary school replies.

ClintDogg said...

I didn't say u said anything about how "idiotic" was spelt. U must be a moron too if you agree with the above post by Anonymous cause "idiotic" is not spelt i.d.i.o.d.i.c.

These losers that post under Anonymous names are a joke. BE REAL instead of a FAKE all ya life.