Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tragardh Talks Pre Game

Man of the moment Cameron Tragardh talks pre game before his Wollongong Hawks take on the Perth Wildcats in their season opener at the Sandpit.

He believes, "8 is the new 10".


OT Fan #1 said...

Hawks are leading the League in "in house" Media coverage!

simple stuff like this goes a long way!

Anonymous said...

I dont think there will be any triple doubles anymore unfortunately...

Double Doubles will be more highly regarded as they are in College.

Roberts has 11 and 13 in his first game and I think he's the only player to do it so far this year.

KEVY47 said...

Trigger had 20-10 last night.

Here's the post match interview:

Anonymous said...

i did see that after i posted above. 20 & 10 is massive.

I hope trigger keeps his form up - he really deserves it!

JAOnFire said...

whos the idiot doing the interview?.