Wednesday, November 19, 2008

World Wide Web And My Teammates

Which Crocs players has a thing for fire hydrants? Read below to find out.

I can see no benefit in rehashing the Croc’s on-court performances of late. I think it is safe to say that it speaks for itself. I guess this week I am going to have to search a little deeper for some subject material.

I, like anyone, spend a little time on the computer and I consider myself somewhat of a master of ‘Google’. So I thought why not use this fabulous tool to dig up a little goss on my teammates. The following is what I found.

For a New York minute I believed Kelvin Robertson was making a little noise as a budding artist in the extra time he has between hoops and being a registered pharmacist. Now that would be impressive! However, upon further investigation into the website that bares his name, it turns out that there is another Kelvin Robertson with talent in the world. Maybe between the two of them, they can come up with one good joke.

Next I thought I would dig a little into Cameron Tovey’s life since he is new and I need to know a little about who I am surrounded by. Cameron Heath Tovey began his colourful life in Penang, Malaysia where he was born. Cam spent a year over in the US college system where I was fortunate enough to run across a bio in which he named counting fire hydrants as one of his hobbies. Now my first thought was that this kid may have an issue or two, but I have since developed a little theory on this behavior. I reckon this fire hydrant counting is just a guise for hitting the pavement in search of a new hairdresser. It would explain everything in my eyes!

I discovered that another new kid on the block, Anthony Susnjara, has spent time playing basketball in Iceland. Unfortunately as I was trying to find out more about his experience there, the best I could come up with was a You Tube interview which only showed me that most males in Icelend rocked beards. My guess is that in the frozen north, this beard may serve more for function than fashion. What I need to ask Sus is whether he saw the occasional women go with the same look.

Next Wikepedia tried to tell me that Daniel Egan was the Mayor of Sydney in the 1850’s. Now I knew Eges has been around the NBL for awhile, but I couldn’t fall for that one. Who would want to be Mayor anyway, when you are already the one and only “The Fan Man”.

Rosell Ellis has an entire page of quotes for all of us to live by and learn from. Sorry ladies, the Love Doctor’s quotes have been dedicated to his first love, basketball.

Sharp shooter Brad Williamson has mentioned to me in passing that he is qualified welder. Brad failed to mention that he was also selling real estate in Canada. Either way someone could get burned if they get too close to this guy.

Alright, now is the big test. It is time to enter the name Corey “Homicide” Williams into the computer and I enter each letter with a hint of trepidation. If I was to believe everything this guy tells me about himself, I’m just not sure if my outdated little laptop is ready for the workload that is about to be thrust upon it. Here goes,…

Just as I expected, there is trouble. All I get is a message across my screen stating that entering this name has tipped the World Wide Web over the edge. It can take it no more, all systems have shut down. It appears that Corey “Homicide” Williams has claimed yet another victim.

RIP www.

Alright, that’s enough scoop from me for this week. Happy surfing and I hope to see you at the Swamp on Saturday as we take on the Wollongong Hawks.

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This week's episode of "The OT" is coming. It will be up and running sometime tomorrow. This week's guest is the NBL's player of the month, New Zealand's Kirk Penney.

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